Sold to (aka GMTV): Reviews

I got quotes from Carvana and Vroom, then went on GMTV’s website to get a quote. It was too low so I started moving forward with the other too. Vroom’s final offer was $893 more than Carvana, but I wanted to have a backup plan. I did recheck numbers frequently on Vroom’s website and saw the value increase before committing.

A day after I visited the GMTV website, I got a text from Angie at GMTV to follow up asking why I didn’t move forward. I told her their estimates on the web were not even close to what I had guaranteed from Carvana and Vroom. She responded that GMTV might be able to beat the best offer, but needed more information. So I sent photos which I had already taken for the other buyers and proof of my other offers. In a few minutes, after checking with her manager, she offered $67 more than Vroom.

I accepted the offer and within a couple of days I had the paperwork Fedexed to me with a check that would be live upon pickup. Returned it and starting waiting for a pickup. I had the option of dropping the car off immediately but the drop off location was 40 minutes away and I didn’t want to risk getting the car damaged along the way and wasn’t keen on Ubering home. A week later, the car was picked up and the check went live. They will send the payoff to my lender, as I got my net above what is owed.

Unlike Carvana and Vroom, who re-sell cars to other buyers, GMTV’s business model seems geared more to reselling at auction. GMTV also has a way to use the car as a trade, but I didn’t investigate this process as I am not acquiring another vehicle.


I would advise checking with all three of these as they all treated me well.

Carvana’s phone and e-mail communications were excellent and they made it easy to transact everything and schedule. 21940.

Vroom was also easy to work with, though they took a while after I accepted their offer to send paperwork. Vroom does not give you a check on pickup unlike the other two. Check is mailed the next day after pickup. I was willing to do it since the offer was so much higher. 22833.

GMTV was different in that I only had to interact with two people, and they were the same two people for the entire deal. This was a lot simpler as each person was individually accountable to communicate with me, which they did promptly whenever I reached out. They asked for more photos and information than the the other two, but the decision making was immediate. Having the check in hand before the car was picked up was reassuring though it was not live until the pickup and inspection was done. 22900


Has the lender been paid off?

I have delivery confirmation for the check, which arrived at the lender the day after pickup.

The lender has not yet issued a zero balance letter to me.

The things people do for $67. I’d go with the big name personally.


It wasn’t the $67. It was about accountability.

There was no material difference in Vroom vs GMTV in terms of how they would have done the transaction. In fact, with Vroom, I would have had to wait a day for the check to be sent to me whereas with GMTV I had the check in hand before the car was picked up. All three send the physical payoff check for payoff after pickup via overnight delivery.

I picked GMTV because I was able to deal with the same people every time. With Vroom, I had to wait on hold and got a different person every time.

If GMTV had not performed I would happily have sold to Vroom or Carvana.


And what we would do to save $67 and hack a killer lease!


Where are you located? I hear their ads on local radio in VA

GiveMeTheVin is one of the largest wholesalers in the USA. May not be known by the general public that well but they’re a massive and reputable company.


Does selling to them count as a trade in so you don’t have to pay taxes?

@Ursus Sunny infectious Florida.

You should see what they run at the Auction.


Especially at highline sales :sunglasses:

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@endo1234 If you want to trade for another vehicle, GMTV can facilitate that with the dealer. I did an outright sale because I do not need to buy another car now.

Got a ranged offer after submitting my car details online. I passed because the range was lower than other offers.

Got a text next morning asking if I can send pictures of the car. I said I am passing because their ranged offered was lower than other offers. They said the range is just generated by the computer and is not a true offer. They said the real offer might be higher. I sent them the pictures they requested for and asked for a real quote. Radio silence since then.

Seems to be a weird company not setup for good customer service.

Sure they are crazy busy these days. I followed up with a phone call the next day and found out which rep was assigned to me.

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I sold my 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ to GMTV.

Received a ballpark offer from the website which was average at best.

Shortly there after received a text message from Jack, after negotiating he increased the offer by $2000 over the top of the original website range. Accepted offer and completed sale agreement on website.

Next day received Fedex package with check for full purchase amount, paperwork to sign and a paid return Fedex to send title. I opted to drop the vehicle off at the local Manheim auction facility, it’s not far from me.

Sent GMTV confirmation of drop off (auction sticker on vehicle) and they activated the check for deposit. When I deposited the check, my bank required a 5 day hold to clear funds. I contacted Jack and he was able to get the hold released after 3 days.


GMTV is extremely hit and miss in terms of which buyer you get.

I’ve sold 4 to them this year and they’ve been terrific and easy to work with.

Each time, I’ve dropped the car off at my local manheim to save $500 and the check is activated right after an inspection by Manheim staff with GMTV organizes.

Just sold 2 to them in the last week. Dropped off at a local Adesa (which is 10 mins away), the entire transaction is almost too easy.

Got a quote from GMTV and they were $2,500 lower than CarMax. So I emailed them the CarMax quote and asked them about their $100 guarantee thats on their website which says they’ll beat CarMax…and they’ve been quiet ever since.

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Not just on the website, it’s on their radio ads as well…Please keep this thread informed as I want to know. It sorta like the $25 gift card for a test drive…it’s rare to get even if you meet all the criteria.