Sold please close! UPDATED WITH INSANE PRICING @ 18% off! (New England, NJ, and NY) 2018 BMW i3 Rex 94ah - MSRP $49xxx - 24M/10K - $91/Month + Tax ; DAS: $2000 for Upfronts + MSDs - (Loyalty Included)

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Below, please find out how it would be structured for Mass—

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW i3 Rex 94ah (This is a brand new car) Fartless if you will.
MSRP: $ 50xxx
Monthly Payment: $ 91 + Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2000 + MSDs ($700)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: Bumped to Waive Acq
Available Incentives: Loyalty Applied (Worth $1500 so please add $63/month without)
Region: New England
Leasehackr Score: Not low :slight_smile:

Without loyalty——
2000 plus $1400 in MSDs

If you dont go the MSD route, it’ll be about $20-25 more/month.

$399 Broker Fee


Damn, no perks of living in New York these days :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes! Speak with @discountsales2020 He has one as well!

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Sigh…another non-FL BMW deal… :frowning:


Add a $500 OL code to this and it is a steal!

188 mile range on these

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Depending on how one drives, it could even be significantly more than 188 miles. I get 150+ miles of around town driving battery alone on mine, around 230 total with the REX✔️ High speed driving (65 mph+) drops range notably though.

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This is an awesome deal with one of the last ones in MA. I hope it goes to an eco friendly LH member!

Price adjustment. Lets rollllll this car!

Still New England Only huh…you know we used to be the capital of the USA here :joy:


That was funny

NY is 2000 for the rebate but has to be 36m.

@discountsales2020 how did you sell all of these??

@JD81 and dealer has to be from NY

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Its best if this goes to a MA buyer.

Often w EV, its better to buy in the state you reside.

This would go perfect in my garage between the durango r/t and hellcat haha

I’m here is MA where electric is $.21kwh. No time of use deals. No off peak. Yes, you can go solar but without solar or nuclear power it’s about $18 in juice for 200 miles to charge the bimmer. At gas price of $3/gallon (and it’s about $2.70 here in MA) that’s 6 gallons of gas that would take you 300 miles in a Prius. So the Bimmer is 50% more to drive on juice than a hybrid Prius. Nicer-sure. But 50% more to operate. Help me if my juicehacker logic is flawed!

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You are paying premium to save the earth and can proudly wear such badge:)

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Whatever do you mean??! These are the coolest cars on the planet!


Right! Thats what I can’t believe it’s still here!

For a 2018 with a 33 kWh battery pack, a completely dead battery would probably take maybe ~38 kWh to fully charge. At $.21 per kWh, that would be about eight bucks.

Since a battery pack of this size is roughly equivalent to the energy storage of 1 gallon of gasoline, it does come out to the equivalent of $8 per gallon if that metric is used. But, if you can go about 140-150 miles on that amount of energy storage, the cost per mile is pretty reasonable.

Down here in Florida, we are at about $.13, so the financials on car like this make pretty good “cents”. My long-term average with my four 4 i3 I have had over the years is about 4.7 miles per kWh. This ends up equating to about 150 mpge, which in my case is something around $0.03 per mile for fuel cost if I have to buy the power. I generally don’t have to buy it as I have solar panels and in that case the fuel cost is $0.

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