Sold please close! UPDATED WITH INSANE PRICING @ 18% off! (New England, NJ, and NY) 2018 BMW i3 Rex 94ah - MSRP $49xxx - 24M/10K - $91/Month + Tax ; DAS: $2000 for Upfronts + MSDs - (Loyalty Included)

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I agree with the coolest cars on the planet statement! I know I am in the minority, but I love these cars!


Lets move this car before month end! Look at these numbahs

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Move this like Gronk back home to Buffalo.

Agreed, the i3 is underrated!

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Now open to NJ and NY!

Must sign in person!

With loyalty in Ma this is $99/month!

Open to you now!

Wtf this deal is epic. How is this not sold out immediately

Thank you sir!

I am wondering the same thing lol.

It’s going to the islands for summer driving if not sold this weekend :confused:

This is about as good as i3 hack a bunch of us got in on last year

And its stillllll here!

Ok so this may seem like a dumb question but what’s an ol code? I am a newbie lol

A code you get from BMW for going to one of their events or they can be dealer specific.

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I just went to one in NJ they give you a code after you check in. The phis particular one had $1000 discount assuming the dealer accepts it. I used it but they only accepted it for $500 off.

That would just about cover my commute, too. Shame I can’t score a deal like that in TX (Drive from NE would SUCK stopping every 45 min for fuel)

Of any deal I’ve ever posted the fact this is still here is most shocking


And when this will be gone 5 more people will be asking for the same deal.

It will go for sure before 04/30 which seems to be the goal.

Free bump.


For those of you who have called my dealer already and read my pricing to them verbatim, just stop.

Have some damn integrity and just stop.


Thank you my friend!

Can u get me deal on i3 for 15K
Plz call or text me 2017053746

3% residual drop

Adds about 50-60 the payment