Sold one to Enterprise

So apparently Google sold my search history to Enterprise :sweat_smile:, so I got this email from Enterprise today before heading to Carmax, saying they are buying cars as well.
Totally just bored and figure there’s nothing to lose, I did a quick quote online and apparently Enterprise is using KBB-based value to ballpark the price range which seems quite high. Matter of fact the lower limit of the quoted range is higher than my current best offer. It does require a visit to get an actual firm quote.

Fast forward, at Enterprise Car Sales location, the staff doesn’t really check the car like Carmax does, just taking mileage and VIN. The final offer is right about the lower limit of the previous online quote, which is $600 higher than Vroom/ALGO. Carvana and Carmax are significantly lower and Give Me The Vin only mentioned beating CarMax for now.

FWIW the car in question is a low mileage Escalade. At this point I wonder if they are going to put it into the rental fleet lol.

Anyone sold to them before? How dida it go?


Didn’t know rental car companies buy direct from consumers. Thought they bought from an auction during these crazy times. Will have to get an estimate from them.

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Didn’t sell to them, but I did read an article this morning about how rental companies are so desperate for cars that they have been buying used cars from auction to put into their fleet. Would make sense for them to buy from consumers directly and have better control of what quality car they end up with.

How many miles are they buying these used cars at? Under 10k?

I know they tend to get rid of their cars over 20k.

Don’t think they’ve disclosed specifics other than “low mileage used cars” although I believed the hertz rep the article interviewed mentioned off-lease cars for their fleet as well. When I used to travel for work and rent 50-75 cars a year, Hertz (at the time) was keeping their fleet for 60k+ miles and 2 years or even more, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were okay with an older fleet for the time being

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I just had them quote me on my 2020 Toyota Tundra that I got from Jim. They came in higher than Carvana and Vroom who were right around 50k on their quotes, and significantly higher then Carmax and another dealer out here.

Ended up committing to them and will be bringing back the truck tomorrow morning to officially sell it. They told me they will just send a check to Ally for the buyout and send the check to me for the difference, or I could come pick up the check.

I have another car that I just leased being shipped to me at the moment, and the guys at Enterprise were willing to put me in a rental car at cost until my new car got to me.

Overall, they have been great to deal with so far. My truck will be flipped immediately, not going into a rental fleet according to them. Will update with more details as I proceed.

Also, any of you guys out there with Tundra’s or Taco’s should check out what they are worth if you are interested in trying to switch it up. They are buying my 9 month old Tundra for 2k over MSRP.


Terrific! And totally crazy for what they are offering

50k quote on Jim’s 47k msrp Tundras. Yeehaw!! Here I come. But will they buy out USB leases? I think US Bank is no longer doing third party.

So I ran the online appraisal tool and it shows a KBB trade in value range of 27000-29000 for my Accord. Looks like I have to bring it in to get their offer, but based on the experience of those who have brought it in, should I expect their offer to be 27K and not a number that is the middle of the range?

Took my 2018 Honda Accord Touring 1.5L in today after doing the online appraisal.

They ended up paying me what the KBB trade in value was for a car in excellent condition. It was $450 higher than Carmax’s offer (I have tried various zip codes over a period of three weeks) and beats Carvana best offer by $1500. The manager looked over the car for 5 minutes. I don’t think he lifted up the hood. Drove it around the parking lot. He went back to his office and came back with an offer in 10 minutes. I then signed some papers and they will be sending my check via Fedex within the next week. I didn’t leave with a check like I would with Carmax but I also didn’t have to spend 2 hours+ at Carmax for their appraisal and paper signing process. I own the car outright so that might have helped getting in and out of there in 30 minutes. The manager said they will send it to their certification site, take some pictures and list it on their website for about $33K based on what I see currently listed.

So if you are getting quotes that are lower than KBB excellent condition trade in value, then give Enterprise Car Sales a shot.

Vroom: 25,250
Carvana 26,543
Carmax: 27,600

Enterprise Car Sales: 28,050

Price paid in 2018: 27,600+TTL



I ended up going with Give Me The Vin, they beat Enterprise by couple hundred but Enterprise was definitely the highest among others


Is there a way to get an appraisal for them online or do you need to go to a location?

I think you need to stop by a location. The online appraisal only showed KBB range for me.

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how much above KBB did they go in the end? Do all locations buy cars or are there specific ones?

They just rounded it up, like less than $500. I think most Enterprise car sales can buy, I guess you can only have an appointment with locations that actually buy so don’t worry about that

Interesting. I just went to enterprise last week with the same model car and the offer was for just over $26k, it’s a lease. They sent an email with offer and Vin. Enterprise did a more appraisal then the actual honda dealerships I took it to. They didn’t drive the car but did do an in depth walk around. Now the problem I had was the buyout confusion. I thought when selling to enterprise or carvana or carmax that this was me selling to a third party. Honda couldn’t offer me the buyout price saying that enterprise had to call, when I called enterprise they said they couldn’t spend anytime trying to contact honda. So I found out days later according to some help here that places like enterprise and carmax pay the dealerships price which last checked was around $20,000. Now tonight I checked carmax and to date its the highest I have received at $27,000! I think this week I have to make a choice. Only thing is landing a new lease has been a difficult one and I have to go from one to another since I need a car and only have 1 daily driver.
What did you end up leasing after letting go your Honda touring 1.5??

You need to go to their location. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. The offer was good for a week I believe. My week is up so I would have to go back and redo the process.

Funny and hilarious thing is absolutely noooooooooo dealership I talk to about the equity i have in my car believes the number. I have shown a handful of the dealership the actual emailed quote I have received. It seems for some odd reason every car salesman and manager plays stupid when you tell them how much equity is being offered for used cars.

Last month I leased brand new 2021 Honda Accord Sport from RODO & last week I sold it to Carmax with less than 500 miles on it, made $3k on it.


That is absolutely insane. It’s actually quite hard to understand how that’s even a possibility, but This is proof of how completely upside down the entire market is and that when it breaks its going to collapse hard. To be able to flip a lease within weeks and having carmax buy it out shows you just how wrong this market is and at this point the chip shortage in my opinion should not be producing such flips such as these. There are some really stupid consumers out there right now.

What were the leasing numbers on that Honda sport 1.5?

Did you roll your $3k equity into another sport ?

You can flip a lease that quick? Only a week? If word gets out about this people will be leasing cars 2 or 3 at a time to flip and make 10-15k a month.

I’m getting ready to short carmax stock really soon. If carmax is paying these premiums now, when this whole thing comes to a halt these cars are going to sit on the lot that they are holding and no one will be buying used cars at a premium when they can buy new for less.