Sold one to CARVANA!



update: deposited the check at the bank. Initially it said funds pending but this morning all funds are available.
Now it’s time to pay off some debt, boost my FICO and get a second car.


They just picked up my SI. Was a great car, only had it a year but couldn’t pass on what they were offering. Everything was easier than I thought. I feel pretty comfortable with the process and would recommend someone trying it out. On to the next one!


Sold my 2013 Ford Fusion to Carvana a month or so ago. Offered me $10,400, more than Carmax (9500) and Vroom (9700), even though it needed a little TLC to fix a scraped body panel and cracked windshield. The truck came, guy gave it a quick walkaround, didn’t say anything about the body/paint work or cracked windshield, had me sign a couple papers, and handed me the check. I saw it list just last week for $13,200, and it’s gone already so I assume that’s what they got for it.

Getting out of my lease?

How did you rate the truck when they asked about the condition?


People are buying 2013 Fusions for 13k? ROFL…


They have the Lexus listed.

They gave me $38,871 for it. I can’t imagine even at the listed price they are making a single dime of profit on it after cleaning, shipping, photos, etc.


They also make money on financing.


It’s the Silicon Valley startup model: “lose money on every unit, but you make it up on volume.”


Stock is down over 60% from its high. Clearly the Silicon Valley model. I’m sure most initial VCs cashed out and joe bag holder gets screwed


Just ran my 2017 Lexus RC350 F-Sport through Carvanas system. I leased it in Dec. 2017 as true sign and drive so $0 DAS. Payoff is $37,939 with a Carvana price of 36,923. I’d owe them $1,779… I’ll keep an eye on it.


My vroom quote was $500 high than carvana and $2k higher than Carmax.

So in the process of selling to vroom.

Interestingly this was a 2017 glc300. The buyout was $5000 below the vroom offer so I sold it and got a new glc. After the sale the lease effectively comes out to $250 a month which was fantastic for the 18 months we kept it.


So do you have to buy a car from them if you are selling them your car?





okay but when i try to check my car’s value they say you can jump in some other car by paying some extra per month money!! may be i am missing something i will take alook again! Thanks


They just mean rolling either your positive or negative equity into another car from them. They realllly hope you do that. They don’t want to make it clear that you can dump it and walk away.


Would selling to Carvana qualify for the dealer payoff quote? Asking because my dealer payoff quote is about $3000 less than my pay off quote.

Carvana has come in much lower than what Vroom has offered me.


No. The dealer payoff is only applicable to a dealer of the brand that the car is. Ex: GM Financial payoff at Chevy dealer


According to my call today with GM financial the dealer payoff quote is good at any dealer. GM or not.


That’s just the payoff without tax then. Not the market value payoff that GM Financial offers to GM dealers


This quote isn’t valid now it’s now 41,700

My pay off quote is $44,777