Sold one to CARVANA!

Going to sell my parent’s GLC to Carvana since they have the highest offer by far. If I told them that there were 2 keys, but then only drop off the car with 1 key, will they deduct the amount at that point? Anyone been in a similar situation? Trying to figure out if I should just purchased a used replacement key or not.

I just sold my 2013 Lexus GS 350 to Carvana for $21,475!

  • Riviera Red
  • F-Sport Package
  • 39,600 miles

I received a number of quotes and Carvana was the highest by far. As you can see, there is quite a wide spread for this nearly 12-year old car.

  • $20,000 – CarMax, first quote
  • $18,000 – CarMax, second quote
  • $16,863 – Driveway
  • $16,100 – Autonation
  • $16,050 – Driveo
  • $15,000 – Sterling McCall Lexus
  • $13,000 – Sonic

A few other helpful datapoints. I extended the offer 1 week by clicking the “Extend Offer” link. I was not charged any additional fees for having the Carvana representative pick up the car. Also, I elected to receive a check rather than ACH since I was worried about a back-office delay given Thanksgiving week.

The process was extremely seamless. The representative arrived early, briefly inspected the car, explained the process, shook my hand, gave me a check, and drove it down the street to the truck. Highly recommended if Carvana provides a competitive offer.


In case any one else is in the same situation…Carvana came by to pick up the GLC300 and didn’t even ask for the 2nd key fob (I listed on the appraisal that it has 2 keys). The tow truck driver had 1 vehicle on his truck already, so he left it on the street and put the lock box with the key in it. They came and towed it away 2 days later.

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obtained a nice offer on my car and am going to sell to Carvana. car is in good condition but quick question - once I drop off I am good right no concerns after the fact? should I go to one of their locations to drop or having them pick up ok?

any concerns to look for? I’ve sold to Carmax before but never Carvana.

You ask like you’re hiding something LOL

But no, after they check it and complete sale you’re good to go. Carvana is less strict on condition than Carmax just for reference

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haha nope just never sold to them before

That’s really good resale value for that car!

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In the part where they ask if you own, lease or have a loan on the car, does what you answer here impact the value they give? The car I’m trying to sell is on a loan. But I can easily pay it off vs them doing it on their end. Just trying to figure out the best way to approach.

I doubt it affects your valuation. You can always use icongnito and a different device not connected to WiFi to compare valuations of the same car.