Sold my prior leased one to

Hello Hackrs,

This is not a lease deal but sold my prior lease, 2018 Accord EX-L (1.5T), to last week. Would like to share it here as it’s really smooth!

I got quotes from carvana, carmax and shift. Initial offer from shift ($27,xxx, forgot detailed number) was the best but I was not able to secure my next lease on time. After signing my new lease (Honda Pilot SE AWD, posted separately), quoted again but then carmax offer was the best:
Carmax: $26,800
Carvana: $24,xxx (forgot)
Shift: $26,300

Shift was willing to match the offer from Carmax, so sold to because they come to me (if selling to Carmax, I have to drive to their site and take Uber home), and there is extra $100 Amazon gift card from Shift for referral (referred by a friend).
It was really easy. Two guys came at the scheduled time. They did some simple inspection, followed by some paperwork. I received the money in my back account 2 days later. (provided my account info when doing the paperwork). The Amazon gift card came around the same time.

Thanks to the chip shortage (or inflation?), I got $8,xxx back from the lease, which means I spent ~4,xxx for driving the Accord for 2.5 years. Wow!

Btw, for the referral, I didn’t get the offer by referring, but quoted on directly; at the appointment, I provided referral info (friend name and email address) and turned out it worked. Please DM for referral info if in case you want to sell to shift (we both get gift cards) and thanks for reading!

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