Sold my Lease to Shift

Reading all the horror stories for Vroom, I went with Shift, so here’s my story!

2018 Honda Accord 1.5T, lease last payment 5/18
Maturity date: 6/18
6/7 - got quotes from Carvana, CarMax, Shift , Vroom
Shift was the highest with Vroom close 2nd
Decided to go with Shift after reading here
6/8 scheduled inspection and possible buyout, but Shift called me last minute and told me they can’t make it since they are severely understaffed, reschedule for 6/9
6/9- Shift guy comes on time (actually a little before) inspects the car, original offer was 20900 but they took $150 off since there was a small chip on front bumper that I didn’t care getting fixed
Shift does offer extra $200 if you decide to sell the car the same day and accept offer right away
So $150 evens out with $200. All the papers and offer details are done on the iPad, the only thing I had to manually sign was POA and look at the breakdown of the deal. My personal payoff was $14400 from Honda and 3rd party payoff was $14800 (they got this figure by contacting Honda)
Signed everything and whole process took an hour. I entered my bank info for profit and they drove off the car! Great experience and would do it again!!!

We can start a conversation here to help others to decide where they can profit most!

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