[Sold] Lease Transfer 2019 Ford Expedition Limited Special Edition $617.62

Lease transfer for a 2019 Ford Expedition with the special edition package. This car is loaded (please see attached sticker) and still has the new car smell. Got the car recently and realized it is too big for my needs.

Price is $617.62 +tax and must have excellent credit through Ford Motor Company. Residual cost is approx $50k at the end of the lease if you want to purchase it (let me know if you need an exact number). Please DM me with any questions about the car.


Where is this lease located? CA? -whats the current mileage on the car?

I don’t think u can transfer this out of state. What state are you in?

If so, why do Ford and GM do this?

Pretty sure Ford doesn’t require in-state transfers. GM does though

Car is still available and according to the rep at Ford it can be transferred out of state, at the other parties cost.

Ford can be transferred out of state. I did it before. Original selling dealer needs to sign off however.

I have done it before too, original dealer does not have to be involved in transaction, it goes straight through ford motor credit.

I did my transfer back in 2013 so it may have changed.

did mine in 2017

Willing to lower the amount due at signing if anyone is interested

So what state is this in? And what is the current mileage?

Michigan and around 1100

Wow, this a great deal. I would’ve taken this deal if I didn’t already lease mine. Good luck with the transfer! Someone is getting a great deal.

I’m not sure why I’m not seeing the due at signing amount. What is being asked and how much is the ford transfer fee?

$1000 due and I’ll take care of the transfer fee.

Is this still available?

I’m in Southern California - interested to hear if this is still available.

Is this still available?