SOLD(Lease Transfer) 2018 BMW M550i $75


This has been one of my favorite BMW’s in quite some time but unfortunately I’m having to get rid of it due to an expanding family. I leased this car in Dec 2017 for 36 months and 10k miles per year. Currently the car has just shy of 9000 miles. That leaves you roughly 800 miles per month.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW M550i
MSRP: $89,245 (please see options list below)
Monthly Payment: $755.53 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: BMW transfer fees
Months Left: 25
Current Mileage: 8,981
Miles remaining on lease: 21,019
Original Contract Total Miles 30,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In 30,026
Term Length 36 Months
Contract Start Date 12/15/2017
Contract End Date 12/15/2020
Residual Value $54,439.45
Disposition Fee $350.00
Car Location Nor-Cal Bay Area


Hi please PM me i am interested ,thank you

PM sent…

PM’d and very interested 202020

I searched for a lease transfer deal on an M550I optioned like this one for 3 months before just going out and leasing my own. I would have jumped all over this offer and anyone in their right mind would too; it’s nicely optioned and the monthly for a potential lease assumption is insanely low for the MSRP. I predict you will transfer this very quickly.

PS: I’m enjoying mine quite a lot!

Yeah I’m really sad I have to get rid of this amazing car especially since I got such an amazing deal on the car. It’s such a beast of a car in sport mode and an awesome cruiser in comfort mode. Glad you’re enjoying your car!

This is the perfect M550… The DHP is just the cherry on top. Awesome deal.

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Amazing deal for whoever picks it up. One hell of a car

Great car. If it wasn’t for the burl Walnut trim, I’d be mine :frowning:

no it wouldn’t. ur kinda late bro.

Very interested in this. Can you pls PM me?

I searched for a long time before I found this car. I was very close to custom ordering when I found this car. The only option I wanted that the car didn’t have was the nappa leather but other than that it had everything I was looking for.

Willing to ship?

Not willing to ship unless the buyer is covering it. I would prefer someone picks it up so I don’t have to deal with shipping issues or potential damage to the car. I’ll be reaching out to BMW financial services on Monday since they’re closed on the weekend so whoever is truly interested and wants to pick it up can let me know and get the process started.

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I wish it had MSDs! Nice ride

Unfortunately they had gotten rid of msds at that time otherwise I would have definitely thrown that in to get the car in the lower 700’s

I was good to move forward in this transfer and spoke with the owner and confirmed some of the details. In confirming condition, it was shared the front right tire has a bubble in the sidewall and chunks out of the rear tire as well as some significant wheel rash. He shared his BMW dealer advised him against replacing the tire(s) and that he’s had a number of BMWs and never been charged for wheel damage. I’m looking for the community to weigh in here as my local dealer said both tires need replacement and if the tread on the good tires was less than 7/32 then they would need to be within 30% matching tread depth. This could be $2k in tires plus a wheel repair. My dealer also said the wheel is absolutely chargeable.

Needs wheel refinished (probably a mobile wheel guy could do it for $150-$175) and a new tire. No question.

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Two tires right? The front has the bubble and the rear has chunks out of the sidewall.

Yes sorry - missed that they were separate.