Below is what I am being offered. Do you think I can do better?
Location: FL
2019 BMW 540I, (New, not a demo)
MSRP $64,995.00
Due at signing, $2,000.00 Includes 1st month, tag, title dealer fee etc)
Payment $627.35 (+ 6% sales tax=$665.00 Monthly)
36 months, 12k miles per year.
Effective price about $697 (tax included) per month. Not 1% but not far off.
BMW loyalty included.

on a 2019 thats a decent deal. if your really set on 2019 540i you should take it.

The 1% rule usually applies on 10k/year deals. I’ll take it.

How do you guys get these deals? I’m in Texas looking at 2019 540i with msrp of about $68,000. The BEST offer I’ve got is $950 with only first payment due at sign. I just want a fair price. $700 seems unattainable.

Admittedly I don’t qualify for $2k loyalty.

where are you getting this from… can u share details pls… i am also looking…

What is selling price

Without knowing the sales price, it seems very good.

because taxes, ask for a tax credit of 5%

Shoot for 11% of MSRP before rebates. Some dealers will tell you it’s impossible, but I assure you, it’s doable. I’m waiting for November to hopefully get additional rebates, but have 2 dealers willing to do the 11% on a $70k M sport 540.

whats the major difference between 2019 and 2018 540i with same MSRP? You might be able to snag a better deal on a 2018 540i

also I’d check this out if you are willing to pay the $125 more (no down payment) - but there are some tire issues the owner is disclosing…

Same, I am living in Dallas. Asked BMW of Dallas today about leasing a 2019 540i with msrp of $ 69,000. They told me the best deal they can get is $850 monthly with $5000 down. I just wanted to get close to the 1% rule…

Im shopping them in Florida and one guy came up with that number, the other dealers are much lower. Keep shopping. The initial number is up there in the mid 8s with a big downpayment. After you say GFY and walk away the real numbers come down to the high 6s low 7s. Dont be afraid to buy elsewhere and have it shipped. Dave at Murietta BMW on this forum quoted me a much better deal (right off the bat) than that or the dealer 2 miles from me and is offering to find me a car he doesnt have in stock at a dealer near him and work me a better deal. Shipping is easy. Its worth lookin into.

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prob about $1000 from CA to FL if your timing is right

Yup, and then I get BMWCCA $1k rebate and tell myself its a wash (ya i know im lying to myself because im still out $1k, but if the deal is better overall, I’ve got no problems buying out of state)

Rates, incentives, and discounts are all regional. A dealer in FL or CA might get extra incentives that are not available in TX plus due to local competition, they might be willing to discount a car way past what your local dealer will do. I can say in my region (Midwest), dealers are not discounting the car past 5% off MSRP.

Also people lie all the time about the deal they got or leave out a key detail like the had a trade-in. This deal works out to about 14% off MSRP plus another $1k in rebates if I am using Midwest programs.

I’m at $806 on a $68k 540i in NJ with $1100 DAS - $5k+ in MSDs - 36 month 15k miles - need to shoot for 12% off MSRP. Rebates suck again in Nov.

How did you come up with effective price of $697? If I were to take $665 as your monthly payment and spread out the $2000 downpayment over 3 years then it comes out to be $55.55/month and a sum of $720.5/month for 36 months. Did you end up getting the lease?