(SOLD) 2018 BMW 530i Service Loaner CA- LA OC IE SD (UPDATED)

Hi Hackers,
Very well equipped 530i up for grabs. Please call or text me at 714-362-7462. No holding.

2018 BMW 530i
MSRP $62,025
Monthly Payment $535 INC TAX 9.5%
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF:.0.00196 F&I NEEDS LOVE
Available Incentives:$1,000 5 SERIES, $2,000 LOYALTY


Sold right up until picture 8. White interior with an 8 and 6 year old would be devasting. Bummed, I was about to leave this darn dance recital…

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HA! I can’t blame you! I have a 2 year old. White or anything light would never work in our family.

Photo #6 shows the trunklind badge as 540i btw, is this the correct car?

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@Eurocayman1 Don’t think the pics are of the actual car. Besides the incorrect badging, the options also lists black kidney grills, but pics show regular grills.

Need to have our photographer change that up for us. My apologies.

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Is it 2015 or 2018?
Also white interior?

The monthly including loyalty and bmw serie 5? So if i dont have a bmw the price will be 605+tax?

didn’t know they still leased 2015s :joy:


Do have black color?

I’m sure they do, but likely not for this price. The deals posted here are deeply discounted on specific former loaner vehicles that need to be moved.

@ethanMINI I PM’d and texted you 1 1/2 weeks ago on another vehicle and never got a response back.

How may I assist you?

Please see my PM resent.

LMAO! Seat covers! or get rid of the kids… JK


UPDATED with new monthly payment, options list, and photos.

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Yes non M-sport https://www.shellybmw.com/used/BMW/2018-BMW-530e-e6cfec5c0a0d04fe79135ca584859e0d.htm PM me or Ethan for a lease quote

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I can’t believe for $62,000 in 2018 that BMW can’t throw in adaptive radar-based cruise control in their mid-range.

BMW take note of Lexus please…