BMW 530i xDrive Lease Quote

I don’t think you can do MSDs unless avail in the region where you are registering the car.

That deal is so bad, you don’t need to go out of state to get it.

3% dealer discount before incentives on a loaner. Come on


You need a discount to lower than payment. You’re getting like none, despite it being a loaner. You can walk into any dealer nationwide to get a quote better than this without even saying a word

Lol great minds @305Hackr


for sure, i just happened to click reply 1/2 second before you :sunglasses:

WOW is all I’ll say. A 5 minute search on the forum would’ve told you this is a beyond terrible deal.

@sm1177 - 10 - 12% is achievable on a brand new 530i xDrive without any incentive’s/rebates. With loaner it should be more.

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If you need a car, and you want this loaner, then 15-18% before incentives is reasonable. If you’re trying to hack a deal, 20%+ discount before incentives is the target.

Also, not to mention, you have a $599 permaplate fee AND a $599 doc fee which basically means you’re getting an $800 discount before incentives currently. That’s truly awful.

At this price, you’re paying for your CA’s and his SM’s trip to Disney…

530 xDrives are a dime a dozen - I’d run away from this dealer


Thank you all for your feedback and responses! I’m right now working with another dealer and hopefully the next quote I post will be much better because I’ve worked with him in the past and was able to get a 20% discount on MSRP on a loaner X5.

the X5 is being replaced this year if i’m not mistaken so its a model that’s being phased out. I’d keep pushing for bigger discount.

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Another silly post from someone who obviously, hasn’t done their research.

You would’ve saved yourself 15 minutes if you had searched for “530i” in the search bar…

Seriously, there’s more posts for this car than anything:



the more i read posts the more upsetting this gets with the abundance of information…

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Oh but you’re mean and toxic for pointing out the obvious…lol

Can you see the words ‘How did I do’ ‘Lease signed’ ‘Hacked a deal’ in my post? Which means that I did not decide on anything and this was a preliminary quote which I wanted advice on so that I would know the numbers that I will propose to the dealer in my negotiation. And yes I did my research, the pricing varies according to mileage, state, time of the year, current available incentives. The posts your referred to:

  1. Not a loaner which makes it irrelevant
  2. Different state, different RV and MF
  3. A 2017 530i being sold in Jan 18. Don’t you think the dealer has more motivation to push it out which equates to more aggressive pricing

If you have knowledge then please try to share it so that others can benefit, if you want to act like an arrogant prick and discourage new members from even asking questions then keep your opinion to yourself.

Thanks again to @28firefighter @305Hackr @johncena @dukez for their help!

Actually, BMW RV and MF is nationwide. It’s the incentives that change on each car that CAN vary by region.

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Why would you even post a deal that’s $2k off on a loaner, what’s the point. Any research on here for 2 minutes would tell you it’s terrible and you need to get more quotes or work this dealer some more. 15% off minimum to start and shooting for 20% off.

He refers to different times of the year, so the numbers fluctuate a bit. @mp11477

However, he fails to realize that the first car, being a non-loaner, got 10%+ off the MSRP (literally 2.5 times what he got…on a loaner) and fails to see the discounts people got on the other ex-loaner vehicles.

I’m not trying to be rude man, just use the information that’s widely available as a benchmark to structure your deal then share something worth reading.

I love reading posts in this forum, and posts like this makes you roll your eyes and ask yourself how can be people actually be like this bruh


Yeah, I understand MF and Residual change monthly. They DO NOT, however, change based on state (In BMW’s case), so I corrected his assumption.

Yeah you right you right, also, information widely available on other posts here…and edmunds.

“If you have knowledge then please try to share it so that others can benefit, if you want to act like an arrogant prick and discourage new members from even asking questions then keep your opinion to yourself.”

He encourages you to acquire more knowledge by reading the forum and soaking up the information on the forum. At the end of the day you will benefit from it. Because you are a new member you are not entitled to spoon fed the information. I suggest you watch out your language and be respectful. You should thank him because he included links for you to read.

Folks, everyone needs to take a deep breath. Yes, searching is helpful but I would rather have someone new post the full details of a prospective deal and ask for our input especially if they feel there is something unique about their circumstances that means they aren’t sure how to interpret/apply the previously posted data points. That is far more useful than the “hey, I want X for $250/month PM me pls” or “is $5000 down and $900 month a good deal for Y” with no other information.

Here, OP gave us virtually everything we needed to be evaluate the merits of the deal. Yes, the deal is awful and those of us experienced in this space know that. But it is no skin off my back to quickly look at a deal sheet that has all the relevant data I need to evaluate it and post some feedback. I can move through a post like this quickly.


Agree, OP didn’t want a freebie, did the legwork and got a quote and just wanted input. I have no issues with that.


I respect you guys for sharing your knowledge patiently.

My experience in reading this forum is that I see so many redundant questions that had been answered thousand times. My philosophy is to educate myself first by using all available resources and ask a question to the experts or seek for help when I start spinning my wheels.

Having said that, nobody should use unkind words towards each other. That is all.