**SOLD** 2018 BMW 328d Loaner - 18.33% off MSRP - TODAY ONLY! - $232+Tax on $45k MSRP with only drive offs due at signing!

Did this sell? I would be all over it had it been the X5. Do you think any SUVs would be part of your buzzer beaters? Or is it already over?

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@BMW_Dave Slip some diesel wagons into the loaner fleet for us !


Right, what was he looking for $150. The nerve of Some people

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LOL!!! Nicely played. 20202020

Name checks out. Why didn’t you ask for a brown, manual wagon though? That’s full on Jalop.

nah man its all about the Red Wedding 328d…

I’d drive it, that red leather is sweet.

That dealer has been sitting on that thing for 8 months now.

That red on black interior does look pretty interesting.

As @28firefighter commented

they must have 10k+ profit on this car.

I can’t do a red interior - I love the exterior.

Two tone red leather interior with red exterior diesel wagon that’s fully loaded. Not surprising it’s sitting. It’s also priced poorly and that ain’t helping.

In 2010, I was looking to buy a used 328i wagon with a manual transmission. There were 2 for sale in the US - both 2007 models. One was loaded - xDrive, iDrive, sport model, light colored interior that wasn’t tan. Someone spent some time customizing this thing and probably spent $$$$$.

The other was plain by comparison - rwd, no iDrive, sport model, H/K stereo, silver on black. Very plain.

I picked the plain one, and am still rocking it. It’s a BMW so it’s getting an oil leak/gasket replaced right now, but it’s fun as hell. I haven’t found anything similar for sale.

Until this.

I love this. I love it’s weirdness, it’s one off-ness. I love that someone spec’d it this way, leased it, got tired of it and turned it back in and hopefully special ordered another BMW that’s spec’d oddly.

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Oh my… it’s being sold by a Mitsubishi dealer! I bet if you called and offered 26k, you’d make somebody’s day at that dealer.

That it hasn’t been sent to auction should tell you how bad they’re choking on it. They must have seriously overpaid.

Someone call and offer them $25…

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I wish Carfax would show what they paid for it at auction.

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I’ll see if I can’t set up a test drive on this unicorn (of different sorts) next week. Getting that itch that I just have to experience it to believe it exists.

To me this is a red flag. My theory is that they don’t have any trades remotely worth buying (their MO is getting subprime buyers to replace one shitbox with another)…their “desirable” used inventory is sourced from the bottom of the auction barrel where it was rejected by OEM dealers, carmax, etc


Perhaps, but dealers stock what they can move quickly. A red/red diesel wagon is the antithesis of that. I’d bet BMW dealers and Carmax didn’t even bid on this unicorn. It’s just too weird. Weird hurts resale value.

Yeah there can always be an exception. But I would get a pro to inspect the car and make sure it doesn’t have damage that isn’t on carfax

Absolutely. Even if it wasn’t a unicorn at a Mitsubishi dealer, I’d get an inspection. Carfax is as useful as the information put into it. That’s to say, it’s usefulness is suspect.

Yeah it’s a first filter (exclude accidents, damage, rental, etc) and narrow down your choices.