The "Red Wedding" 328d wagon

Check out this 328d wagon

Key doesn’t match. I’m out.


Oh my…

Wondered if order or stock car.

Just…why? I cannot imagine any dealer would order that for stock…

I can just hear it now:

  • At sale time: “This is a super rare vehicle and that’s why we just cannot discount it.”
  • At trade time: “There just is not a market for a red-over-red station wagon here in the United States.”

Damn would Love it must have been sn order

I’d rock that! Had a 07 328i wagon that I gave to my daughter when she got married last year. Loved that little wagon. It’d be a good match to my V10 TDI touareg!


Sold Link Dead.

If anyone buys it, since the internet sells these cars more than anything, just plug UMW Rugby.

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What a build!

On that note: I don’t wanna hear any more kvetching about the cost of packages after being reminded just how piecemeal options were just a few years back.

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anyone grab pics? Despite the paint, the build seems really cool, but too bad it wasn’t a 335

I would definitely buy a red/red wagon if not just to stare at it from time to time to admire what humans can do when pushed to the edge.