SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Tundra Hybrid or Sierna Hybrid - available now, next month?
What is the offer for this car in a lease?


Tundra Hybrids 2 -3 weeks out

Sienna hybrids are typically 1-2 months out

that is the answer always in this market.

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Ok, what is the lowest price on tundra hybrid? Down and monthly?


go to the top post and look on his site, it’s all there.

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Thank you PMed

Cody, how much would the lease buyout be for the rav4prime se? To take advantage of the lease rebate?

He has a website at the top of this page that can show you all the pricing.

Should be residual plus aqc+plates+doc essentially.

Hi, do you have any prius in store? About to buy it in these few days. Thank you.

We are several months out on Prius. Finding an in stock available Prius in SoCal is extremely tough

Here are a couple one off deals.

Tacoma Sport 4x4 with Advanced Tech


Rav4 XLE Premium AWD

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I thought it was 4k off the sport access cab you have almost had a heart attack :rofl:

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Double Cab 4x4 :sunglasses::+1:

Hey Cody, I’m gonna send a PM about some of your highlanders.

Hi Cody, what’s the word on 2024 4runner? Will it come later this year, or Toyota will skip straight to '25 all-new model?

There will be a 24 with basically no changes

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Can you please send me spread sheet