SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

You should buy it. Currently we are selling them at msrp

Do you know what is the good price to get extended warranty for Mirai for 6Yr with 75K miles.

is this for 2022 or 2023. They offered discount for 2022

I don’t sell warranties that would be a question for finance team.

2023 models are in stock.

Cancelled order. Sequoia Hybrid Capstone 4x4. Yes it’s over msrp.


Morizo Edition. Not for sale. Headed to TRD


Build quality is amazing- always amazed how well Lexus/Toyota paints hold up

Good second car

Grrrrrr… Corolla. :slight_smile:

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You know you want to buy it to flip it at +50k

If I had the money to spend… I’d get it for my kid… we gave up on the MkII Supra dream and just got him a regular Corolla Hatch until he figures out what to do in a few years.

You adopting ? I’m up for grabs

If I’m adopting anyone here… it’s @HersheySweet … I’d be rollin’ in my EQS. :slight_smile:


@HersheySweet is high maintenance
I promise I’m not as needy as him



well there went all of Cody’s preorders.

I hope the Morizo wasn’t in there.

Wow super unfortunate. Maybe I just never paid attention and it’s always this bad but train derailments are bonkers right now.

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Ouch. Sorry about that…


what model is that?

Looks like the Crown