SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Is the Tacoma still available?

Yes the Money factor increase a little so I’ll need to update numbers.

I just updated MF went from .0021 → .0025

Highlander XLE Deal 6 in stock
$2k drive off

MSD eligible on the Highlander deal?

No Msd on this deal. We can run one specific but probably will result in higher payment.

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Any 2023 Highlander gas platinum cody?

We have everything but platinum available. Our 2 coming are both presold. If something changes I can keep you posted

Finally have some decent inventory (100 cars in stock).

Updated Pricing on Tacoma, Corolla, Camry, Rav4 . Definitely best lease payments in SoCal.

Hi Cody. Any idea when Sequoias may be more readily available? Without the massive markups.
I live in NorCal and I have yet to see one on the roads here.

I’d say quite awhile. With us only getting 1-2 per month isn’t helping.

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Hi Cody. Is this still available?

Yes there are a few available on my site

any idea when Prius 23 will be available for booking?

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Any AWD Rav 4 in transit?

I probably won’t see them for at least 4 months.

We have a couple XLE and one XLE premium in transit

Any Siennas in stock or inbound?

Everything coming is presold at this time.

Are they @ msrp or dealer markups? Do you have a waiting list?

They will be sold at Market Value