SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Special Mirai?? Please please please


Link Please.

Thanks Cody!


PM me. Im blocked from messaging for next 12 hrs


PM me. Im blocked from messaging for next 12 hrs


Hey Cody. Can I get the new link. Thanks


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Messaging you for the new tundra spreadsheet. Thanks!


The deals this weekend are FIREEEE


wait whaaaa!?


Fire sprinkler was defective. Those 4 Corollas got a good wash. :crazy_face:


Link please thanks


Cody, I heard lease returns with US Bank are pretty tough and a big hassle, can you please let us know how much tougher they are than the average bank/ Toyota Financials? thanks


Hard to say as we have only been with us bank 6 months but the big thing for us we are really only using them on vehicles with high resale value. So tacoma/tundra/4Runner. Generally they will have some equity at the end


I returned an infiniti leased throigh us bank and it did not feel tpugher than other banks.


Heres the “Ugly Duckling” Sale :slight_smile:
4Runner SR5 4x4 Black w/ Tan


link please


Can I get the link ?


Hi. Any highlanders on the list? If so, please send link. Thanks!