SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Finally have a few more 4Cyl back in stock. I’ll price drop the link when i get in at 11. :sunglasses:

They will go fast as always

Yesterday we leased a 2019 Mirai & had the best experience we ever had, leasing or buying a car. Cody was straightforward & made this the least stressful car buying process for us. There was no pressure from him to upsell anything & we got everything to the cent he had quoted. We were in & out in couple of hours, the longest time was only signing the docs.
We would definitely come to Tustin Toyota all the way from San Diego for any more purchase or lease just because Cody is there. Thanks for a wonderful experience!


What is the best price you could do on this ?

It’s in the link :sunglasses:


Aged Units

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I’ll be on vacation 17-24th. Last vacation of the year. :grimacing: Headed to Mazatlan.

1 of my assistants will be in the office while I am gone. He will do his best to answer all your questions.

Any updates Cody?

Thats Norway. It won’t affect the US.

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Trying to reach you before vacation to get a deal on Highlander.


I’m in tomorrow at 630 am. I’ll look at the email you sent then

Tundra Headed to San Francisco. Had to scramble to find a Transport after the normal guy dropped the ball.


US BANK Adds Supra Numbers :slight_smile: They are getting closer.

These are 15K

Our first Supra will arrive July 22nd


So stoked on my new truck @Cody_Carter could not have been more helpful throughout the entire process.

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Thanks Cody for the easy process/smooth transaction! Everyone was very happy to pick up our new truck!

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Soooo I may or may not have my assistant helping this coming week while I’m on vacation…

I’ll hear back Monday


FLASH SALE! 50% off MSRP! Lol


Any steals on a Prius prime or rav4 xse hybrid? I have a 2017 Prius prime premium I want to get out of. Still owe about 19k. Local Toyota offers 120% of kbb which they said came out to 23.5k. Located in San Diego.

120% is just a marketing joke. They give you 120% on trade and nothing on the car. Just moving the money around.

Toyota is offering 1k lease to lease on prime.

XSE RAV4 hybrid has like a 6 month wait. I can get you one but it’s Full MSRP.


Wait you want to get out of the 2017 prime for another prime?