SoCal Thousand Oaks Jag Help

I am not sure where I should have posted this so sorry if in the wrong spot. Does anyone have a good contact at Thousand Oaks Jaguar? Trying to make a offer on a car there and I can not get any response back.

Thank you

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Is this on a new car?
Thousand Oaks = money
They won’t negotiate

Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?


It is on a used car that’s been on the lot for 2 months

Yes, agreed but not many options out there at prices that are not crazy still

Are you not in ca? These ca dealers usually don’t sell out of state

Out of Arizona. Why would they not sell out of state if I am willing to pick up? I have done other state out of state deals before so just trying to understand. Not doubting the statement more just trying to understand the rationale.


What Jaguar are you getting?

looking at an fpace

Just get a cayenne/Macan demo floating around in the marketplace

Are you looking to lease one of those?

They come with an atrocious lease

no, it would be a used purchase

Not a good idea. They are crap although they are beautiful

Let me know if you know of any of these in the $50k range. I already own a macan gts currently, and can’t really find any good options esp for a cayenne.

Do share more? Not stuck on them so happy to hear about this please

It’s a jlr product. Trash reliability and require a lot of maintenance although new jaguars do come with 5 year maintenance/warranty

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Yea the 5 yr plus 1 yr extra cpo is kinda what was pulling me in vs an SQ5 or a 2021 Macan again. The GV70s are also just way out of whack pricing wise still used.

How do you like the Macan GTS?

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Far superior than an f-pace

I love it had it for 3 years, but the warranty runs out this month, and I am not trying to have it around out of warranty.