SoCal Mercedes Dealer - Calvin Zhao - Mercedes Benz of Foothill Ranch

Hello LeaseHackr community,

My name is Calvin Zhao, Sales Representative here at Mercedes Benz of Foothill Ranch. I have helped many LeaseHackrs get into a new Mercedes Benz and answered countless Fleet/Lease questions for the community

Located in Orange County, I’m here to help you get into a new Mercedes of your dreams.

Calvin Zhao
949-328-8820 (desk phone)


Even though I can’t use Calvin as I am on the opposite end of the states, he has been super quick in his responses and helping me gain information for my negotiations. So although I can’t say I have done a deal with him, if he brings to the table what he has brought in information to me, I can say you will be in great hands.

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All smiles, thanks again for the wonderful GLC300 Calvin! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the business!

I almost gave up looking for the car I wanted, but I decided to reach out to Calvin and give it another shot.

It was a pleasure working with Calvin. He was straight forward, efficient, and transparent. No sleazy dealership games.

I would definitely work with Calvin again and highly recommend him for your MBZ needs.


Calvin is amazing! Prompt with responses and highly professional. Helped us get into our GLC 350e and saved us much more than what we were quoted elsewhere. Definitely going to see Calvin first in the future!


I also interacted with Calvin by email and he was very quick and thoughtful. I look forward to working with him in the next month or so :slight_smile:

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Leased a a220 from Calvin, Cannot express how helpful and willing to discuss things he was.

The car is great the price is better than i ever expected and very happy with the overall process and its been about 2 weeks now.

Thanks dude!

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We just leased a GLC 300 from Calvin. He didn’t have the exact car we wanted at his dealership, but he actually drove 50 miles to get us the one we wanted, and he personally delivered it to our home! He even washed it and vacuumed it before delivery himself! I can’t say he would always be able to do that, but it was a wonderful gesture. He made the purchase incredibly simple, and he is an absolute gentleman who didn’t mind that I was texting him late at night with questions. I very highly recommend calling Calvin if you are shopping for a Mercedes. He posts his current deals here on Leasehackr.

Through the use of multiple security deposits ($4500), my monthly payment was reduced by about $50. That’s a savings of $600 per year. That is like getting 13% interest rate on my $4500. But wait - because I am not taxed on the $600 I save each year, and because I am paying about 47% combined federal and state income tax, it’s more like a 24% interest rate on my $4500! Well worth it.