Calvin Zhao - Internet Sales Manager @ Mercedes Benz

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Calvin Zhao
949-576-5465 (cell phone)


Even though I can’t use Calvin as I am on the opposite end of the states, he has been super quick in his responses and helping me gain information for my negotiations. So although I can’t say I have done a deal with him, if he brings to the table what he has brought in information to me, I can say you will be in great hands.

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All smiles, thanks again for the wonderful GLC300 Calvin! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the business!

I almost gave up looking for the car I wanted, but I decided to reach out to Calvin and give it another shot.

It was a pleasure working with Calvin. He was straight forward, efficient, and transparent. No sleazy dealership games.

I would definitely work with Calvin again and highly recommend him for your MBZ needs.


Calvin is amazing! Prompt with responses and highly professional. Helped us get into our GLC 350e and saved us much more than what we were quoted elsewhere. Definitely going to see Calvin first in the future!


I also interacted with Calvin by email and he was very quick and thoughtful. I look forward to working with him in the next month or so :slight_smile:

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Leased a a220 from Calvin, Cannot express how helpful and willing to discuss things he was.

The car is great the price is better than i ever expected and very happy with the overall process and its been about 2 weeks now.

Thanks dude!

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We just leased a GLC 300 from Calvin. He didn’t have the exact car we wanted at his dealership, but he actually drove 50 miles to get us the one we wanted, and he personally delivered it to our home! He even washed it and vacuumed it before delivery himself! I can’t say he would always be able to do that, but it was a wonderful gesture. He made the purchase incredibly simple, and he is an absolute gentleman who didn’t mind that I was texting him late at night with questions. I very highly recommend calling Calvin if you are shopping for a Mercedes. He posts his current deals here on Leasehackr.

Through the use of multiple security deposits ($4500), my monthly payment was reduced by about $50. That’s a savings of $600 per year. That is like getting 13% interest rate on my $4500. But wait - because I am not taxed on the $600 I save each year, and because I am paying about 47% combined federal and state income tax, it’s more like a 24% interest rate on my $4500! Well worth it.


Just wrapped up the most incredible lease experience with Calvin @Calvin.MB . He got us a great deal, but more importantly his entire guidance, service, and delivery made the experience spectacular and even surreal.

As background, we were targeting a Q5 lease for my wife for about a month, but weren’t finding the right model/deal with local dealers. In particular, had a very bad experience with a local Audi dealer (not Beverly Hills) that was jerking us around and repeatedly flaking out after we thought the deal was 99% done.

About a week ago, we decided to shift gears and explore the GLC & X3. We test drove both and my wife fell in love with the exterior and interior of the 2020 GLC, especially AMG line. I immediately reached out to Calvin and he was incredible to work with. He guided us in exactly the right direction with options and model years. For example, he suggested we get the 2020 for the newer design and better tech, and the pricing would be comparable to 2019. This is the kind of honest advice that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I’m sure as a salesperson, he would prefer to unload outgoing 2019 models and have an entire year to sell the 2020s.

Calvin found us the perfect, dream model and gave us agressive pricing. Although we got a great deal, the Leasehackr score shouldn’t be obsessed over. You need to find exactly what you want and get the car you love. A few tenths in Leasehackr score doesn’t make a difference in your life/happiness.

After we quickly got a deal (around 1 pm on Saturday), the rest of the experience was a dream. We texted him our info and filled out an easy credit application. We were at home in LA the whole day and enjoying ourselves and running errands. It took a few hours for them to complete the paperwork and get a finance person. After a quick call with the finance person, the deal was done and Calvin arrived at our house in LA (about 60 miles away) with our new car in a couple hours. After a great chat and signatures and he was on his way. Wish we could’ve visited longer, but we had a party to get to.

I can’t overemphasize how quick and easy the whole process was. Revolutionary. I recently did an all-cash purchase at a top dealership in Beverly Hills that was 2x more difficult and time-consuming. And this was a lease!

Now my wife thinks I’m genius and can’t stop talking about how much she loves her car and how great Calvin this. Calvin is the best!


And all it took is a GLC lease. Congrats.

I see Calvin sending me notes. Lol. Very nice person to deal with. Maybe one day Calvin. But here’s the back story- I’m in Pasadena and have purchased through Rusnak for many many years. Not just Benz’s.
Question to Ursus, is there some tips as you elude to the GLC lease?

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I was eluding to something else :slight_smile:

I have to second what pxwang said - I just got a GLC300 AMG package for less than what a Hyundai SUV would cost ($463/ month including tax with $1500 down / Drive offs included) . I got the car without even ever driving it or seeing it - Calvin just seemed to be able to tell exactly what I wanted from our brief conversation and said “let me show you this car, I think you will like it” and I loved the car. I have never got a car sight unseen, but Calvin made this so easy and painless. He even drove 1.5 hours to deliver it to me himself!

I was planning on getting into another Jeep lease as I am a Jeep lover (and am currently in a Jeep lease that is ending), but Calvin made this a deal I could not turn down, and on top of it he beat all of the prices Jeep quoted me for Grand Cherokees.

I cannot say enough good things about Calvin at Foothill Mercedes Benz.

Thank you Calvin!


GREAT experience with Calvin at Foothill Ranch. Got an incredible deal on a fully loaded 50k GLC (less than $450/month including tax, DAS license and registration, max MSDs). He delivered the car to my house. Loving the car, service and price! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


I had one of the best shopping experiences in general, definitely exemplary car leasing experience, with Calvin at Foothill Ranch. He was extremely friendly and went way above and beyond to not only search and find the right GLC 300 we were looking for but also gave an extremely sweet deal. I did not ever think before that I would buy a 57K car without ever seeing it or visiting the dealership. He drove nearly 100 miles to deliver the car and get paperwork done at the luxury of my home. If you are in the market for MB in and around So. Cal spend your time and effort wisely and just contact Calvin, I’m sure you will get the best deal and experience possible.

Thanks Calvin.

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Ended a deal with Calvin today.
Thanks for him. Very patient and he try to help me save money as much as possible. Don’ hesitate to email him if you already know the car which you want.
Also, he drive from Irvine to LA, even he off today. I appreciate it.

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Just got Car #2 from Calvin!

Extremely easy to deal with, no BS, straight to the chase, personally delivered the car.

Thanks once again. Always a pleasure doing business with you!

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We closed our second car with Calvin two days ago.

Calvin is extremely prompt, genuine and professional. He went above and beyond to find us the exact car with the options we needed by trading with another dealer.

The deal process was streamlined where it only took few texts and phones calls. We knew the exact terms as discussed via text and the car was ready for us.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Benz to connect with Calvin. Two cars were both for my parents, but once my lease is up next summer I surely will be reaching out to Calvin again.

Thank you again, Calvin, and hope you hit your goal this month!