SoCal Mercedes Benz Specials!

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Calvin Zhao
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Do you have any deals for a new 2021 GLA250 4matic?

Do you have any deals on GLC300 AWD? Demo will do as well.

No Loaner or Demo GLC available. I will do the same discount on a 4matic like the GLC posted

2020 Mercedes Benz GLA250

Can you do 20% of MSRP and allow 2 MSD?

Links fixed. for 36/10 options for 2020 C43 and GLC43

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Do you deliver to NoCal as well? If so, should I expect extra cost for delivery?

I can deliver it to NorCal however you will have to pay for trucking.

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any leases deals on 2020 s450 or s560? loaner leases?

No 2020 S450 or S560 remaining.

Do you have 2020 GLB 250 deals in SoCal ?

GLC 43 still available?

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I have 1 more remaining.

Do you have any glc 350?

Been sold out for a while :frowning:

any c300 sport deal?

(12/17) C300 Loaner special now available through PM

Any allocations for 2021 s class?

Allocations are available. Not sure if there is Market Adjustment

Any good deals on the 21 E Class