Got ripped off on 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG 35 lease PLS HELP

They bent you over and laughed at you when u drove off the lot. Their is no way their gonna work with you. If they do I would DEF be surprised. Crappy thing is ur not the first one here to ask and you won’t be the last. Best of luck!

BTW let us know the dealership.


Probably you should go to the general manager and express your dismay.
I would walk into the dealership rather than calling them.
Hopefully, they are willing to work with you but like others have said they knew that this was a horrible deal and must have been extremely happy you signed.
Let us know what happens!

Can I ask what do they offer in that maintenance package? Over a span of 3 years my e43 only cost me 700 in maintenance oil change maybe some windshield fluid.

Thats’s right. And OP should have signed a document that says there is no cooling off period.

Some dealers offer some sort of “guarantee”, but OP’s options with a new car may be limited. Unless there is some paperwork signed that says otherwise…

Oh and CA allows cancellation of all service/maintenance contracts. You just pay a small fee… but get your money back there


Mercedes-Benz of Escondido
Just putting their name out there hopefully people can avoid them or be smarter than me and less naive.

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Your deal is not too far off from a 78k GLC AMG. Definitely cancel maintenance contracts.

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Ouch. Did you take delivery already? Drive off with the vehicle?

When I got my C43 back in July the endless amount of packages and the balloon payment was ridiculous! Like others have said cancel that package ASAP!

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To the OP, I’d probably wait until more of the experienced posters comment, but your options are essentially nothing except to enjoy the car, as @z0lt3c said, and learn for next time.

If the only problem w/ your previous lease was excess mileage and needing new tires, that’s not “damage.” You know exactly how much the excess mileage will cost, and you can slap on any tires that meet the OEM specs.

If I’m reading your contract correctly, you paid full MSRP? That probably should’ve been a (big) hint that you were not getting a good deal. Having said that, I’m not sure where you’re getting the numbers for a $591/mo deal?

Sounds like it (post 12).


I did unfortunately. Walked into the dealership during the peak of covid and tried to limit any longer exposure with people (some of them were barely wearing a mask) so really wanted to finish it off not knowing i am blindly signing paperworks with sales and finance guy pressuring me into it.

591 was just me playing with the leasehacker calculator after the damage was done.

Definitely, maybe wait half a day tomorrow to give others a chance to reply tomorrow before you go back to the dealership.

No offense, but stop doing that. The best way to get a good lease deal is to get lots of info and to get lucky w/ timing. Torturing yourself w/ random numbers that might be completely unrealistic does nothing.


The only thing you can do it cancel the maintenance contract. Otherwise you were happy with the price when you signed it.


@ps00 congratulations and enjoy your new AMG: you’ll be driving it until December 2024. As others suggested, cancel the maintenance and any finance products you purchased and move on. Between now and then, read Leasing 101 and educate yourself for the next lease.

IF by some miracle this doesn’t get funded and they insist you re-sign the contract, refuse and give the car back.

I test drove a GLC350e last year at MB Esco: there were quite a few sharks working there, sharpening their teeth between deals. Don’t negotiate in person, ever.


47k doesn’t go to the dealership. It goes to MBFS. The dealer made a couple grand on the sale…nothing close to 47k though.

Outside of canceling the extras on his behalf (big maybe), OP has a better chance of getting hit by lightning and winning the powerball on the same day than the dealership renegotiating anything once the papers are signed.


No way dealer renegotiated anything about this deal.

Just cancel the extra packages and enjoy the car. 4 years is an especially long time to lease.

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Anyone notice the rent charge on this, $8400, the MF must be jacked up, $174 in interest a month doesn’t help this deal at all, much less the insane prepaid maintenance, I hope brakes, tires, lunch, and a handy come with it.

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.00191 is lower than I’d expect on amg honestly

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Take a deep breath and stop beating yourself! Do your happy dance and then walk into the dealership with confidence and try to speak to the GM and see if they can sell you the car and void the lease! I would definitely get rid off the maintenance plan for sure! Be persistent and take control of the situation, I promise you will get through this situation. Enjoy your car regardless of what has happened! Next time you will be prepared !

Above all first work the #s and get a strategy in place and I would even hire a professional MB hacker to get this straightened out!