Socal MB C300 Lease Deal I might take very soon

Hey guys, I am thinking about just taking this deal but I wanted to know if I should shop more for better deal?

This is current number I got.

2018 MB C300 Sedan
MSRP $42,595
36mo. 12k mile. $1,000 drive off

monthly $395 including tax(7.75%)


Going with New 2018 MB C300 Sedan
36mo. 12k miles.
MSRP $43,175
Sale price $35,286.52 (18.27% discount)
No loyalty rebate
No fleet rebate
I didnt see the MF on the paper but they told me it’s 0.00072

$1,000 DAS
Monthly $366 + tax
Mine is 7.75% so $394 including tax.

Its higher MSRP with lower payment from my previous quote.

Used MSDs?

Not bad

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Which dealership? I’m also in SoCal and looking for the same vehicle.

Nice. My payment is also $366/mo (incl tax) with 10MSD. But I only get 10k miles/yr. that was negot a year ago

Trying to use your deal numbers to negotiate one locally. On another thread you said your DAS was $1380 and it included 3 years of maintenance.

Was your final deal $395 or $399 per month tax included?
Was DAS $1000 or $1380?
Does this include 3 years maintenance included?

Thanks in advance

I am also shopping for the same exact car. Based on your math, when I plugged in your numbers into the LH calculator (, the only way I could achieve your $394/mo payment after TTL was when you put down 6 MSDs.

Your low DAS means the acq fee is rolled into the monthly. The Leasehackr score for your car is 9.3 years. Not too bad at all.

In comparison, I’m getting this deal:
MSRP: $43,445
Adjusted Cap Cost: $35,691 (17.85% off)
MSD: 6 (like yours)
Monthly: $353 (incl tax)
DAS: $2080.
Both are cars have 56% residual for '18 C300 sedan. Both cars are 7.75% sales tax in Orange County. The difference is I’m paying the acquisition fee up front and also the dealer marked up your MF by .0002. The dealer marked me up by .0001. The dealer told me they do this to make money on the back-end while losing money on the front end (cap cost).

My Leasehackr score is 10.5 years. If I rolled in the acq fee, the score is 9.7 years and monthly becomes $386 OTD incl tax.

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What was the MF used for deal?

Did your deal include 3 years of maintenance like the OP?

By the way, I am assuming your nick name is derived from the show “The 100” … I love that show

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MF was .00062. Marked up by .00010. This does not include 3 years of maintenance. I’d just do the maintenance yourself. Not much to it.

Yep, love the 100 show too.

Are you planning to execute a lease soon? I’m on the fence right now… trying to see when the 2019s will touch down.

A dealer told me the MF for the 2019 is .00062 and also 56% residual for 12k/36.


I have not worked out a deal yet but hopefully soon.

You said your DAS would be $2080. When I run your numbers in the calculator, I am getting Drive Off amount of $1693 plus another $2400 in MSD’s.

What am I missing? Here is a link to the calculator with your numbers…


The acquisition fee is $1095 on my end, not $795. It’s being marked up.

Okay so I got a story to tell you. Originally the dealer told me this is their offer:

3 year/36K miles (no maintenance package)
MSRP: $43,445
Dealer Incentive: $1250
Cap Cost: $36,500
Total Drive Off: $2210.74 (Includes $1095 acq fee, first month payment $404.92, DMV fee $619.75, and acq fee and dmv tax of $91.07)
Residual: $24,329.20 (56%)
MF: 0.00062
Monthly cost: $404.92

The above math checks out in my excel sheet and Leasehackr. No problemo right? Well, then I asked the dealer to give me another -$500 off for corporate FEP discount. He said sure. When he did that, he told me the payment is now:

$380.17 / mo.
$2183.99 total drive off

So the total drive off went down by $26.75 and the monthly went down by a whopping $24.75 a month. I thought to myself, this can’t be right. I asked him again, I said “can you go back and double check, ARE YOU sure about this monthly”. He said he’s absolutely sure. So either the FEP discount isn’t -$500 or the FEP program is giving me more discount somewhere I’m not aware of. I didn’t push him because I didn’t want him to say “oops we made a mistake”.

My calculator (and leasehackr calculator) tells me it’s $389.62 with the additional -$500 FEP and not $380 so he’s giving me more off.

I do not ask for MSDs in my lease quotes so there is no MSD. But the reason why I applied the MSD manually above is because I needed to compare against the OP. It’s not a 1:1 comparison if the OP is using MSD and I’m not. So when we both apply the same MSD, then we can sort of have a closer apple-to-apple comparison. This is because the leasehackr score or 1% rule can then be applied regardless of MSRP because it’s a proportional measurement.

Okay, I’m going to keep it simple. This is my LeaseHackr deal with is 9.8 years.

My Deal

This is the OPs deal. Since we don’t know what the OP paid for the acquisition fee, I have to lower it to $496 in order to meet his $366+tax or $394/mo payment. That’s the only way I can see the math add up. Leasehackr score is 9.4 years.

OPs deal

But check this out! Since we don’t believe his Acq fee is $496, if you put in $795 and raise his MSD by 2, wallah, you get his $366/394 /mo. Now if you put in $1095 and raise his MSD to 4, then wallah, you also get $366/394/mo payment.

So more than likely, the OP is paying for 2 or 4 MSD.

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