SITE SUGGESTION: ZOOM sessions on how to use the site and what everything means

I have no idea what my process for absorbing the site’s shared content (Forum), and how best to look for deals. The categories that apply to ME (just a normal guy with outwardly flowing cash for inwardly flowing cars), my brain will NOT absorb/retain all the MF this or that terminology but an explanation in layman’s English might help, how to see the latest postings. I seem to drive into threads, but they start like years old for some. Completely backwards from other forums as well as common sense. So, what is still fresh and not outdated stuff, that one can see as good today. Historical stuff seems of little value in the fast moving day in and day out price/deal changes. So, how to stay in tune that way.

Ideally, parameters/filters of cars I might consider, that are actually actionable by me in my state of Indiana. I have many tastes and equally interested in full sized transit vans as well as Corvettes and hybrids or EVs.

So, again, I would love a one-off, or series of, or regularly scheduled (weekly?) zoom call that one can participate in to hear and maybe even ask questions and get answers to how sellers/deals can come together with buyer/cash.

I have found the inclusion of ‘screen sharing’ in my daily work to be the most productive change ever.


Can you clarify what you mean here? The threads here, along with basically every other forum I’ve been on display posts in chronological order from when they’re made. It would be very difficult to follow a conversation backwards.

If you want to see the latest posts, just click here:

That will sort them by the most recent post.

It sounds to be like what you’re looking for is a depository of currently available deals, in your region, by vehicle. Is that correct?


The Marketplace is the part of the forum that describes what you’re looking for.

It also requires no understanding of “MF this or that.”


There is also a scroll bar on the right-hand side of the screen where you can drag the icon and skip historic content in a thread if that is not useful information for you.

This is a free site, where you can learn a lot if want. If you do not want to learn, you can look at the bottom line numbers on any deal (monthly, drive offs, total lease cost) and see if those are numbers you are willing to pay for your full-sized transit van, corvette or hybrid.

You could also just hire a broker who will work on your behalf to get you a deal. You pay them a retainer, they find you a vehicle, hopefully at a good price. I am not a broker, but will charge $400 per hour to conduct a zoom tutorial of this website… :wink:


in my view, when I hop into a thread, I have to scroll to bottom (the contents of the page move UP and off of page), to see the recent. Just been used to old stuff is what you have to work to see, not new stuff. Maybe my settings are ‘factory’. Not sure. I understand that latest has the most recent contributions, but it seems I still start out as an example back in the 2017 discussion and then spend time to align the reply that I had LAST (more recently) read, then I know the one that is new. I’m sure I’m doing something in an inefficient manner… hence… would love an interactive thing. That’s just me, though.

If you have never read a thread, the forum will show you the earliest post that is unread.

Click the timestamp at the bottom of the scroll bar. It would take you to the latest post.

In mobile, you have to click the white/blue box at the bottom of the screen to see the scroll bar.


One thing I can add on as a suggestion would be to see if the first post can be locked in at the top of the page as you scroll, it would help in threads that are larger and you wouldn’t have to scroll back on forth. I think if we do make that change, it should be an option that lets the user choose whether they want to lock the first post of the thread.


That’s a great idea.

I find myself adding new posts to threads and then going back to update the OP as well.

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Excellent idea…especially when I’m trying to feel the UTZ factor, and everyone’s comments just get in the way.


:rofl: u need to stop but I love it so much


It sounds like you’d like someone to host a lecture/class type event to help you learn. Out of curiosity, who would you expect to host/teach such a thing?


This will never get old! I’ll make a sep thread with all the new ideas later on today


Anybody, but don’t expect me to learn MF this or MF that

Hi James,

Think of visiting this website as going to Lease Hackr Community College. Your initial post comes off like you just landed a full ride athletic scholarship to Lease Hackr University. I am not trying to be mean but the tuition here is in the form of hours you will spend reading and learning the various skills and methods others have used to get a good lease deal.

This community is created by a bunch of leasing enthusiasts who find time to post and create content mostly while working their normal 9-5 job or after their families go to sleep or while they are mindlessly pushing their kids on the swing set. That could just be me though…

If you think a video conference/screen share course would be worthwhile to essentially skip ahead to the front of the line of lease knowledge, how much would you be willing to pay for that type of product/experience?


I’d say “Lease Hackr Harvard” (on a scholarship, of course)