Signed w/ June Programs! 2020 BMW M340i MSRP $63,720, $0 DAS, 0 MSD, $560+tax

I had posted some details over in Trophy Garage, but decided to create a stand alone post for the purpose of letting people know that deals CAN be made in Florida. Yes, it did take some time, yes I did get broomed several times from the dealer I ended up buying from, but in the end I kept business in Florida. I also went out of state, but realized, I lived here and the end of the day would like to try and keep things in my state.

2020 BMW M340i
MSRP: $63,720
Selling: $53,029 ( $500 OL code included)
Monthly Payment: $ $560 + tax ( 596 w/ tax)
Drive-Off Amount: My signature :slight_smile:
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00165 ( June programs, and did not want to do MSDs if i decide to get out early)
Residual: 61%
Incentives: $1250 lease cash, $1000 conquest
Region: FL
Leasehackr Score: 10
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Nicely done!

Well done - sharp looking car

Great job @Volvo…I too have preferred to stay in state (and was able to do so on a couple of cars in April). Since then though…all NE.

That color is :boom: Love it!

Very sharp looking car. Nice job!
Just to make sure I am understanding the breakdown correctly, you got 15.2% off pre-incentives? ($1000 OL, $1000 conquest $1250 lease cash)

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Who’s Bar/Bat did you have to go to for this deal?!

Nice work!:clap:

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I corrected in my post. Only $500 OL code from BMW.

So total incentives : 1250 lease cash, 1000 conquest, 500 OL code


Hahaha… my amazing personality :slight_smile:

The best part is, I went in the next day to bring in some wine ( I lived in Sonoma for a while) and I went to the SM and said jokingly “ this deal is already horrible, you might as well give me the rubber mats as well”. I had already signed. He said “ good point and gave me them for free.”


an amazing deal indeed. The way your CA spoke of your persistence and fortitude on this deal deserves an applaud and was also hilarious. Especially to be able to get one of the literal first units of the car… My hero lol

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This is great, no loyalty and still strong!

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If you give me your CC and let me do my magic on that car in stock for you :slight_smile:


That is awesome! I love the cool stories from the LHing pursuits.

On a vinegar deal, a little honey (in this case from Sonoma) went a long way (floor mats…plus you kept the relationship solid and on a positive note for the next time). The impression left with the SM was not “holy crap I just lost my @$$ on this deal”, but rather “Hey, that guy was pretty cool”, and with each sip of that wine hell remember you. You can be friends with folks and get good deals (usually).

What a beauty, love the color combo! Great job, especially considering all the horror stories I hear of purchasing in Florida.

This definitely warrants it’s own thread. Enjoy!!

Thank you!

I wasn’t going to post because I didn’t want to rain on your awesome deal too… just tired of people creating threads about going out of state and need to keep this money in Florida !


Awesome deal; I also leased my 2019 i8 here in Florida and it wasn’t a bad deal;
If you get bored and try to transfer the lease let me know…maybe we do a swap


Will keep that in mind, waiting for the new 2020 S6 to hit and then go from there.

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Any reason for not doing BMW CCA?

Did the car already come with the extended shadow line?

I added it on

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I did. I didnt reflect that in my payment.

It has been submitted and waiting on it