SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19


I too have been getting 50-60 miles per charge as well. I work 52 miles from home (round trip) and when I get home I generally see 8-12 mile range left.
A couple of weekends I drive from San Diego to Long Beach (266 miles round trip) and drove in HV mode and battery in the city. I only used 1/3 tank (only had a half tank when I left SD).
Funny because my wife suggested I get gas since I only had 1/8th left. $15 later my tank was full.
I’m enjoying the lack of gas but still trying to get used to plugging in every night.


It becomes automatic reflex…just like with the phone before going to bed. I have days when i don’t even remember doing it. I could charge once a week but for some reason i still do it daily.

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Very nice! I have a month and 3 weeks to go to get mine, assuming it takes 2 months. :slight_smile:


Hi guys I am new here and looking at a 2018 clarity touring deal listed at Norman reeves here in OC California.

It is listed on autotrader for $30998. 2018 model with 100+ Miles. Does this mean that with $7600 Honda incentive I am looking at a selling price of $23398? Is this the right way to look at it? What would be reasonable for down payment and monthlies?

Thanks so much


Most likely they already included the rebate in the $31k price but post a link so we can check.

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Are you sure it’s the Touring model? On the Norm Reeves website it shows only two Clarity PHEVs in stock, both with a $34K MSRP (i.e., not Touring).


Is the car an UNWIND or a USED CAR - the title status determines if the federal tax incentive has been used.

If the car has been unwound (deal undone) then the title should be a new car and then you can apply the $7600 Honda incentive for a LEASE.

However if it was used, then the incentive has been used and you would have to negotiate a regular used car.


Hi. Hoping someone can help me decipher what the dealer is telling me.
Dealer told me that they would discount the car by $3,000.
For a 36/15K lease, this is what they sent me. On Leasehackr, I calculated about $300 per month. I can’t figure out where the $25,000 cap cost comes from. The rest I sort of understand, but it just doesn’t add up. Any help would be appreciated.


Agree, can’t be exactly 25k if they discount exactly 3k :slight_smile:
What is MSRP? Substruct their discount and 6k rebate.


They already figured in the $7600 Honda incentive (Fed tax incentive + $100) that all leases get.
Plus the dealer is discounting on their end, $3,000 which is what I got in January.
Total of $10,600 off MSRP should make the car around $23,800 ?

Yours looks like a base model Clarity ??

You should not have to pay $2500 DAS - what happens to your money if the car gets stolen or totalled ???


Sorry for the missing details. MSRP is 34,295. So Cap Cost should be 34295-7600-3002 = 23,693, not 25,000.

I also think that they are first rolling all of the fees into the cap cost and then deducting the 2500 DAS. Doesn’t that cause me to pay tax of the fees?

As for the DAS, I understand the basic tenets of leasing and I would never put any of my money down on a lease. The 2500 is what I am getting from the state and SCE…therefore not my money. Also, I’ve been driving for 40 years and never totaled a car…I am not too worried that I will do it now :slight_smile:


Absolutely, go with the $2500…as you said…house money.
Anyone knows if you have to repay CVRV in case of total loss?


You can’t put in the $2500 in rebates as they are post sale and have nothing to do with the dealer.
Unless you are in San Diego where you can apply $1500 CVRP into the deal.

In all other areas, you get the $1500 CVRP after the sale - you can apply after you receive the temporary plates.
And the $1000 SCE rebate application is after you get your permanent plates.

What is your OUT OF POCKET cash on this deal ?


Thanks. Yes it was Touring and it was already gone when I called them back…


It was new Touring, but sold quick, before I was able to react…


Uber rough


I have read in other forum posts that the actual usable battery in EV mode is about 14kwh since the battery keeps a reserve. Better to use this amount for your cost calculations. I’m in a similar situation here in NJ. At $0.18/kwh, electric and hybrid mode cost about the same amount in winter.


Yes, that is correct.
The reserve is needed to run the ICE at the same time (Hybrid or HV mode).

With gas prices at $4 / gallon now in So Cal, it’s more economical to run on EV.


Just got gas this morning in Irvine. 87 was $3.09 and 91 was $3.35.


Gas in MA about $2.50 and $.21kwh with no time of use pricing available. Your gas price is higher maybe because they fill it for you. Have to wait until gas is over $3 here in MA for EV mode to be cheaper. But it was still just $5500 for 3 years to lease (1-payment) so can’t complain. Surprised that gas is indeed cheaper for operation.