SIGNED v2: 2018 Honda Clarity Base - NEW - $1000 DAS - $282 monthly. Re-signed 1/1/19



Just started my look yesterday. Norm Reeves Irvine was offering 2018 Plug-in for $289 a month with $3,999 DAS… Today for a 2019 Plug-in the add was updated for $269 per month with the same $3,999 DAS…

I called the sales person there that helped me on another car a few years back. He didn’t know about the 2019 deal and said no way. I told him it is on his website, but it’s to much out of pocket for me.

They have a couple 2018 base models left and I’m trying to get numbers out of him without having to go to the store. He is insisting they won’t beat the advertised price, so I told him then I probably won’t lease with them… from what I can see 99% of the time the dealer can beat the manufactures special.

I don’t want to have more than $1,000 DAS, and payment as close to $300 as possible on a 36/12 2018 Base Plug-in

Is this feasible with the last few remaining 2018 out there, or am I shooting for the stars?


With remaining 2018, some dealers are hanging onto them waiting for the expired white/green HOV carpool sticker owners rushing in to get a Clarity so as to get a purple HOV sticker car…

On the other hand, those dealers that have plenty of 2019 on hand seem to be discounting the 2018 to get them off the lot.

With the RV dropping 2% since January, you should expect a good deal on a BASE trim with $1000 DAS = $340 month including CA monthly tax.

Expect to receive $2000 - $2500 off dealer discounts.
And if you work for the state or County in California you can get another $500 discount off MSRP.

Try Thousand Oaks Honda - they are selling them for $340/month + $1K DAS.


Thank you @4sallypat


My latest offer is for 2018 Touring, $1,710 down (includes all drive off) and $367 a month including tax. 36/12. They would not budge below that.

I said I will think about and let them know.

What do you think?


That’s pretty good deal for a Touring trim!
About what I would expect compared to the Base trim MSRP.


I am completely new to both the electric/hybrid car and leasing scene. My 2004 SUV got totaled, and I was forced to look for a car after being happy for 15 years with reliable transportation and that cost next to nothing to own (insurance/dmv/no monthly, but only 20 MPG). However, I have been envious of those single passengers zipping by in the HOV lanes, and been wanting to take advantage of free electricity at work. I live in NorCal.

Long story short, I narrowed down my ideal choice to a Clarity Electric. Yes, I called 15 dealers, and they all said to be there is a waitlist for these cars. However, using KBB car locator, there seemed to be one unicorn in the outskirts of the bay area, and I got it. Extremely pleased with the car, the range works for me. M.y buddy at work wanted one when he saw mine, but no such luck to score one in his case

Again, completely new to leasing as well, but here are my numbers for the 36 month lease for the Clarity EV (not hybrid) with 8.75% taxes in SF:

“Total Due at Signing”
Cap cost reduction 1,600.00
First month payment 199.00

Title 259.00
Registration 244.00
Tax on cap cost reduction 140.00
Tax on first month’s payment 17.41
Taxes on Acq Fee + Doc Processing fee 7.44
Document Processing 85.00
Electronic Transfer 30.00
Tire Fee 8.75

Sum of all fees 2,590.60
Dealer Contribution -390.00
Cash Due at Signing $2,200.60


That offer is the standard Honda offer that you see posted on their webpage here:

Unfortunately this is not an ev that you can negotiate much on mainly due to dealers not stocking the car as much as the phev version. Still, it’s a pretty decent deal considering the after sale rebates and definitely the best standard lease for an ev right now. It’s worth checking if your coworker can qualify for any Honda incentives like grad or military.


I too looked at the pure EV version of the Clarity along with the hydrogen powered FCV but both models had a huge waitlist here in So Cal.

Glad to see you got a great monthly rate - too bad you have to return it after the lease ends.

I am happy with my PHEV as I will buy her out at the end and keep it since the battery is warranted for 10 years / 150,000 miles in CA…:grin:


The ev is a pretty good deal even compared to the phev. In my case when i did the comp my phev came up to $228/mo (the deal i posted on this board) while the ev was at $160/mo both payments include everything. Problem was I already have a low range ev in the household so i needed more range…otherwise I would have gone for the ev.


Here in NE it cost me $7800 with a one pay 3/36k lease all-in. State then kicked back $2500. So net $5300 for 3 years. For the price, satisfied. But it’s $.20kwh to charge the 17kwh battery which is $3.40 for under 40 miles this winter. Cheaper to run her in hybrid mode with gas at $2.40/gallon. Goodby silent electric cruise.


That was some ridiculous pricing you guys got on the NE! Well at least you have fuel options…and the car is the cheapest Honda you could have anyway.


NE mean Nebraska or Northeast ?

Northeast did certainly get the best pricing due to the ZEV DLFC program.


I’m just a Masshole.


BTW, that is not the usable battery. By some owners estimates, the usable is around 12-13kWh…my charger is the stupid kind so i can’t measure it. What mpg do you get on gas in winter?


Using Chargepoint, I use at most 14.5 kWh from dry to full. Not getting more that 33 miles on a full charge, even with gentle driving. Waiting for higher temperatures


Someone in the cold midwest tried an experiment - try driving with climate control OFF. He was able to get 60 miles per charge.

Bundle up and see if driving without turning on the seat heaters, cabin heating would increase your miles per charge.

I don’t turn on the climate control in the middle of February - just roll the windows down but that’s because I am in sunny So Cal…


Ah, the highly coveted PURPLE HOV stickers arrived today!
Only took 2 months for DMV.

Looks sort flashy on the forest metallic green paint:

Now I can drive alone in the carpool lanes and smile!!!:grinning:


If I keep climate control off I shiver and do need to pee more often. But if I crack the door at 27mph I can piss out the door and the Bernoulli effect pushes the piss right outside. 30mph and you get soaked. 25mph and you get sprinkled. But at 27mph all good and you save about 4mpg by not having to stop to piss and then get back to speed. But in EV, she still sucks up just about 16kwh and never delivers over 45 miles. At $.20 kWh, hybrid mode is cheaper and no need to wizz on the fly.


We’re getting roughly 38.1 miles per charge lately in CO. Temps have been anywhere in the 15-40 range when out and about with climate control set to 65 degrees. I ran it down to 0 range today and the Chargepoint charger reported 13.62kwh added from empty to full. At about $0.11/kwh, it’s still slightly cheaper than gas at $2.20/gallon. For the three months prior to cold temps kicking in, we were averaging 47 miles per charge.


No worries, when the temps warm up, you will again enjoy your 47 miles per charge.

I have not had to turn on the cabin heater and have not seen decrease in miles per charge.

The past month I have been getting 50-60 miles per charge in warm sunny So cal…:wink:

At least your summers may not turn on the A/C while we turn on our A/C more months than any other part of the US…