Signed Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport (4x4, Double Cab) $215/month, $695 DAS 39.9k MSRP

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 Double Cab
MSRP: $39,991
Monthly Payment: $215
Drive-Off Amount: $695
Annual Mileage:10,000
Region:Midwest (Ohio)
Leasehackr Score:15.3 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


That seems like a great deal. Did you lease through US Bank, Ally, or TFS?

How long did it take to negotiate and any tips you’d like to share? Others will ask for selling price pre-incentives.

Probably not Ally MF is too low for them :stuck_out_tongue:

It was US Bank.

As far as tips, I was told by the dealer they were more willing to negotiate on the TRD Sport more than SR5. The SR5 actually has a 81% residual (2% higher) for 24 months so deals can be had on it.

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I always get excited by deals like this but then realize leasing in my state requires payment of taxes on the full purchase price, upfront. So it turns a 215/mo for 24months lease into a ~$340 lease unless I want to drop $2000 down :frowning:

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East coast deal ? Tax included?

Tax is included in my numbers. Not sure areas these numbers are applicable for. I am in Ohio.

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Post that lease sheet! I’d love to see how they did this. Not saying I don’t believe you but I already have People asking Me to replicate this and I can’t. Mf is different also. I thought usbank had a national rate

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Here you go…sticker was $39,991 with a 79% residual


Awesome deal man congrats. That lower mf and Ohio tax tags fees def help

Love it. Congrats. Not many Toyota dealers will even talk to you about trying to get to numbers like this (I’ve tried) even if you attempt to walk them through it (read: point them at usbank ridiculous residuals). Jims the easiest bet to get you close for zero hassle but great to see someone score this on their own!!

currently Drooling over your MF and wondering what it would have brought my payments to :slight_smile: … where’s my calculator!


Nice work man! Did you have to ask for that MF or did they come out of the gate with that?

To think I was happy at .00135 :frowning:


They came out of the gate at .00095

I guess it’s like any other brand. Some will play with the mf and increase the discount. I guess once in a great while you can get both. I don’t see many Toyota dealers being eager to replicate this. Most would rather light the car on :fire:


Perhaps I need to look at several trims, was going to pull a trigger on a base SR but this is only a little more than my offer for a better equipped Taco. Congrats

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Nice deal! Did this have any packages or accessories added?

Able to share dealer? I’m in Ohio and would jump on this.

Try Ganley in Akron. My buddy just leased a base SR for 219/24 months with nothing down. They only had 2 left as of last weekend.

Where’s the celebratory picture?

Do you k ow if dealer is willing to replicate the deal?