Signed QX60 PURE -AWD $305 PM - Bay Area



2019 QX60 - PURE AWD

**MSRP: $**47500
**Monthly Payment: $305 including Tax (9.25)
**Cash Due at Signing: Zero but MSD.
**MSD: $2800
**Incentives: VPP & conquest !!

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Region:Bay area
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Awesome deal. Congratulations. Can you please PM me dealer and salesperson details. Thanks


Can you please PM me the dealer details? Thanks


Sent all the PMs.


What’s your selling price?


around 40500… dont remember exact number.


Ty!:slight_smile: 2020


Would you recommend any car in infinity? We like something sporty.


Thanks to the OP for his referral and a great experience at the dealer, I also picked one of these up today. Colors were limited but the deal is real! Great lease with $0 out the door.


If anybody can replicate this deal in New York I’m fairly certain I have somebody who would jump on it


your request should be posted here:


I just wanted to give shout out to @BiggL, He was the first one to get me the quote. It was very similar to this one… Unfortunately he got busy and we could not connect over the phone few times… and dealer matched his price meantime so I couldnt go with him… but It was really easy working with him and no hassle/back-and forth !!! Thank you Laurrent !!


Please inbox me the dealer details. I am interested in Pure as well as Luxe.


Please PM dealer details. Thanks.


Can you please PM me dealer details. Thanks.


Thanks a lot OP… I just picked one up for myself… Really amazing Experience at the dealership… Thanks again for the referral.


Can you please share dealer details


Great deal! Would you share the dealer info?


A big shout out to this sales person and dealer.


this deal makes no sense I am in the business and if your selling price is 40,500 your lease should be in the 370+ range if you do a sign and drive
the 2019 QX60 AWD pure is a 47k truck I can offer significant savings on this truck to anyone who is searching however inventory is super low in the Tri state currently due to the sales running all month long.
however to get to your lease payment that you’re saying the sale price would nee to me $38234 less the conquest.
please share lease agreement … what was the money factor