Signed QX60 PURE -AWD $305 PM - Bay Area




I hope this clears up any confusion. As OP wasn’t including VPP (non taxed incentive) in his sales price. Happy Thanksgiving.


BiggL is correct. I did not include the VPP in my selling price. Put that as another incentive in the post.


Can you please pm the dealer details? I am in marked for new lease.


Can you please PM me dealer and sales person details. I am looking for a lease too


Can you please share the dealer details please


Hello Guys
Please PM me the dealer details. Have been looking for an SUV for a long time. This deal is too good to wait!

Thanks so much in advance


Could you please PM me the details of the dealer. I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Can you please PM me the details of dealer. Thanks


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I can assist all of you if you wish. Please PM me the details of the incentives you qualify for and the model/trim/options/color combo, zip code and miles/year and I will put together the deal with the same dealer as the OP.


Could you please also PM the dealer info? Thanks a lot! Happy holidays!


Great find! Could you please also PM me the details?


Not sure what I am doing wrong but :? ??

IF you use any other lease calculator; I do not get the same #s ? most of the lease calculators do not have MSD - it must have impact on the payments bcs even with lower prices; the total monthly lease payment comes around $400+


Hi, can you please PM me the dealer info?


Thanks a lot OP for the dealer info… Signed LUXE today… Amazing deal…Agree with others, no-hassle experience at the dealership, sales person not pushy at all and very straight forward. Thank you again !!


Just signed up for LH account to request information from OP. Would you kindly also send me the details, thank you and happy thanksgiving!


Great deal! Can you Pm me a dealer and sale rep information.


could you please share me dealership and salesman information. I would really appreciate it.


So I helped one of my friends for the LUXE trim. We signed up for LUXE today. Here is the breakdown. He didnt have any loyalty even though he owns a infinity vehicle right now. But dealer was ready to apply the loyalty on top these numbers.

2019 QX60 - LUXE AWD

**MSRP: $**51720
**Monthly Payment: $390 including Tax (9.5 %)
**Cash Due at Signing: Zero but MSD.
**MSD: $1200
**Incentives: VPP & conquest !!

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Region:Bay area
Leasehackr Score:


PM dealer please and congrats


Could you PM the dealer and sales info? Thanks!