Signed: NEW 2023 EQS 450 4MATIC SUV 24/7.5k NJ - monthly $640 with $640 DAS

MSRP : 117,745
Dealer Discount : 20,600 (17.5%)
EV Tax Credit : 7,500
Fleet : 3,500
EV conquest : 1,500
Total Discount with rebates and incentives : 33,100 (28.1%)

MF : 0.00158 (10 MSD)
Residual : 66% (24month 7.5K)
Doc Fee : 799
Bank Fee : 995
DMV Reg : 429

Monthly : $640 with everything rolled in except 8,000 MSD. No tax in NJ

Thank you all for making this happen!


Well done!

I love seeing all these mega deals come out of New Jersey with the no EV tax✔️


What a deal! Well done.

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$0 DAS? Just msds?

Strange number. It’s either standard $795 or marked up to max $1,095

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These NJ deals are amazing. Right off the bat, you’re saving $100 a month vs a high tax state


Well done on the SUV. Enjoy in good health!

aren’t MSDs rounded to 50 ? so in this case it should have been 10* 650 = 6500 ?

5 or 7 seater?

Great job!

It’s based on the pre-discounted MF

Amazing deal. Congrats!
Is this 450+ with RWD? How was the negotiation process? Were you able to get to this number right off the bat or did you have to do some back and forth?

I like the wheels on this one. Great deal , enjoy!

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correct. 0 DAS

hmmm didnt know 795 was base standard!

DMV reg fee prob markup as well but I made up my mind after hearing discount amount along with base MF.

5 seater. was hoping 7 seater option but not on this one

It’s 450 4MATIC.

I asked for 17% but they were firm at 15% until last Sat.

Game of waiting and see who is more desperate.

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Even if they did, they’ll legally have to refund it to you. I often get a check back from a dealer along with my reg and plates. They’d rather give you a check than try to get you to pay more if they underestimated.

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Excellent…so your effective payment is----

$640x23 = $14,720

$14,720 / 24 = $613.33/mo eff. Id say thats rather outstanding on a $117k MSRP!


I am amazed no one yet asked you for the dealer info yet? Maybe its beacuse you posted it late last night and its early still in NJ.

Solid deal and it couldn’t be done any better.


Can you post the dealer @MasterJin ?