Signed: NEW 2021 BMW M550i - Bernina Grey - $85k MSRP - 10% off - 36/10 - $821+tax - $1k DAS - NO MSDs

Thanks Bacon Car Concierge!

Congrats! Did you take off the xDrive badge?

Yes. And smoked the side blinker as well.

Great deal!

Are these type of deals on M550’s seen in MA? I need to turn in my 530 in August and want to upgrade to M550. Hoping I can get a great lease in the $799-899 range.

@Bostoncarconcierge might be willing to transfer his personal car. :chocolate_bar:

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They are yes sir. Just not in this market as m550 supply is extremely low at the moment as they switch to the 2022MY

I have one and love the car.

I’m always willing to transfer any car. I don’t run a museum :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re a few months out though.

Thanks @leasecompanion :chocolate_bar: :eyeglasses: :taiwan:


Anytime. Just buy a LX when they’re on firesale :point_right: :point_right:


How can I get %10 off in Northeast area??

It ain’t going to happen on a M550i.

Not what those classics say :rofl: