Signed: NEW 2021 BMW M550i - $83k MSRP - 7.75% off - 36/10 - $895+tax - $730 DAS - No MSDs

Year, Make, Model: 2021 BMW M550i xDrive
MSRP: $82,785
Selling Price: $76,375 (7.75% off before incentives; includes OL code)
Monthly Payment: $895 + tax ($980 incl. 9.5% Los Angeles tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $730
MSDs: None
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00093 (buy rate)
Residual: 59%
Incentives: $1,750 ($1k lease credit + $750 loyalty)
Region: Los Angeles
Leasehackr Score: 7.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Ever since transferring out of my first 2021 M550i, I have missed it dearly and have been on the hunt for another one. With limited inventory and possibly the worst time to lease a car, I was able to secure one yesterday, but at a far higher overall lease payment versus my first one (see below link to my first M550i lease). I’m still very happy because a sub-$1k payment for a car like this is a bargain in my opinion. I also wanted to share this data point with fellow hackers which will hopefully help others looking to lease the same car. Knowing myself, I will probably transfer out of this too after a year because life is too short to drive the same car for 3 years lol. But I hope to enjoy it for more than 6 months at least :slight_smile:

Previous M550i Deal: Signed: NEW 2021 BMW M550i - Bernina Grey - $85k MSRP - 10% off - 36/10 - $821+tax - $1k DAS - NO MSDs




Damn that’s a beautiful car. Not a bad deal either


Thanks! Relative to today’s market, I think it’s a very decent deal. But historically and relative to my last deal and what others have previously achieved, I think it’s just okay.


Amen. <— market is different

It really is man. Totally different world right now in the car industry. I’m slowly (and painfully) accepting it.

i gotta say, i really appreciate how car manufacturers are embracing car owners preference to black out grills/emblems etc. Looks amazing on this car!


@bluzbra If you’re looking to transfer, I might know a guy! Only kidding. Nice car and pretty good deal for the times we are in.


Hah! Ask me again in 6 months :rofl:

Thanks bud - crazy times.

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Sweet. Is this Metallic Grey ? Your last one was Bernina right ?

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Yup, it’s Dark Graphite Gray. Last one was Bernina Gray. Here’s a side-by-side (or I guess top-to-bottom):


Congratulations and welcome back out of that club I guess lol :grin:

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LOL thanks man

Serious question
Do you like bemina better or dark graphite better?

DG is one of my all time favorite BMW paint jobs


Great question. I love Dark Graphite, but I have a soft spot for the Bernina Gray. I think it’s one of BMW’s best new colors. If I had to pick, I’d probably pick Bernina.


Stop this is making me want one :weary:.

Such an incredible vehicle. A sleeper truly.


What’s the interior color? I’d be all over it if it was cognac :joy: but great looking ride :+1:

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Hah! It’s just black. Thanks!

Congrats @bluzbra! Beautiful car, glad you were able to get back into an M550i!

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You always had a fine taste for cars…

Absolutely stunning . Congrats!


Thanks, @cjsen and @TheBigTuna!