Signed: New 2019 BMW 440xi M-Sport $61k MSRP, $328 monthly, Tax/Fees/MSDs DAS

2019 BMW 440xi M-Sport
MSRP: $61,055
Monthly Payment: $328
Drive-Off Amount: $2778 (First Month, 7 MSDs) plus tax
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF:.00093 (after MSDs)
Incentives:$7750 (lease cash, loyalty, OL Code)
Leasehackr Score:16.6 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Agreed to deal on last day of Aug, but dealership did not get the paperwork done in time and needed to use Sep incentives and MF. Apparently, dealership had to eat additional 800+ in order to keep my monthly the same as we had agreed. Just tells me there was more room for discount, but happy with 18% discount on a new M-Sport.

Searched nationwide, but ended up with a dealer 3 hours away. Joined BMW CCA for extra $500. Thanks for all who posted here as I would not have known deals like this were even possible.


Should have done 24/m and waived the fee, would have been even cheaper . but even this, great deal!

For a new? This is a loaner type of deal. Great job!

Next time get a new degree, OL code, 24m, etc, and then pay $3000 a year for a 60k car :joy:

Edit: $2500 :joy:

Very solid. Well done.

Nice deal. That’s a great motor (ask me how I know), and for basically $11/day you will not regret it.


Another 4 series hack… congrats👍

Why would 24 m have been better?

Add 6% to the residual and see for yourself. 303/mo

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You can also waive the acq fee and it would have gotten you under $300.

But don’t worry about it. It will be a blast to drive…you get to have fun for 36 mon instead of just 24 like me.

Waiving acq fee in lieu of mf increase doesn’t always work. Doesn’t work in his deal. It bumped it a buck a month higher.


Post pics!
Every time I floor it from a stop in the 340i I imagine what it would be like with AWD.
How much fun is that?

What is the breakdown of your $7750? Also noticed this was a 0% tax calculation… took me a few minutes to figure out that out! Either way great hack!



@Batistuta thanks. I meant how was each incentive to total 7750.
Lease cash:
OL Code:
And did OP include the BMWCCA rebate as well or was that just the cherry on top?

Loyalty is 2500 and Lease cash is 4250.

CCA is post-sale so it doesn’t affect the deal structure

was this minnetonka? I’ve almost pulled a similar crazy deal a few months back (dealer agreed last day of month), but someone purchased just a few hours before I planned on stopping by. Great deal nonetheless!

Not Minnetonka, out of state. I showed them the deal and they had not interest.

Hello, congrats on your new 440xi. I am new to the forum and trying to understand the math of your awesome deal. I am probably doing something wrong but not sure what. Total of your monthlies (328x36) makes $11.8k but only the difference between residual ($34.8k, 57% of $61k) and sales price ($53.3k, after $7.75k incentives) is $18.5k. Where am I making the mistake? Do we add $7.75k again to the payments to make numbers match? Thank you…!!

You forgot about the 18.6% discount…