Signed: Loaner 2020 BMW 530iX --- 387p/mo, 387 DAS, 0 MSD --- 67k MSRP


Signed 2020 BMW 530iX 387 p/mo

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: BMW 530iX
25.4% off MSRP Pre Incentive
MSRP: $ 67,000
Selling Price before incentives: $ 49,961
Monthly Payment: $ 387
Drive-Off Amount: $ 387
Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: 58%
Incentives: 4,500 (Lease to Lease, College Grad, Loyalty):
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Do not ask for Dealer details
Got free shipping as well (around 500 dollars), so saved quite a bit from not having to pay any shipping

Think I did pretty decent considering it was COVID inventory

Deals may get better with time as inventory loosens up and more 2021 models are availble, However I was being offered too much money from someone to hold onto my 267 p/mo 5 series and needed a car right away, plus the MSRP on this one justified the higher monthly for me

Will Post Pics soon


How is MF .00129? Not Tier 1?

Tier 1 but they upped it due to discount, which i was fine. it was getting close to imposible finding a loaded 5 series at 20%+ off before inentives

They stated it it was .00122 however when i calculated it on my end it showed as .00129

How can they go over the max .0004 markup? Unless this deal was done last month?

I may have calculated it wrong, They told me over the phone it was .00122 but when i input the numbers in the calculator the monthly was too far apart (around 20)

-Deal was done beginning of this month

I updated the calculator to reflect .00122 , its 7 dollar difference

Edit: Inputted directly from the contract

We’ll be seeing this in private transfers in about 10-12 months. Stop hitting those curbs man!

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Haha, This time around having 19’s does not help with the roads here haha

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Very nice deal! Post pics!

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Could you add “loaner” to your title?

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Is it noticeably different than the 18s?

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Not noticeably, but I’ve heard they get scratched more often from Pot Holes, Hopefully with the 3D camera in this car No more curbing rims

Awesome deal, enjoy!!


59% residual?

yes 59% for 36/10 and 64% for 24/10 I believe

Edit: its 58%

Yeah, it dropped for October (along with MF so it’s a wash). Still a very strong deal. Enjoy!

Haha, wow I was under the asumption it was 59% the entire time. Inputting 58% corrects everything


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Could tell by the title “p/mo” this was you @N5651. Congrats on another deep discount!

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So did you sign it without reading the lease contract, or…?

The Residual was written as a number, I didn’t double check to see because I assumed it was 59% (since residual can’t be changed etc)

Some attention to detail from a former “broker” :smirk: