Signed (in June, 2021): 2021 Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Inscription - MSRP $57,810, 24/10, $719/mo + tax, with $1,460 DAS


Given all the help the community has provided me during my fact-finding process for my first car lease, I wanted to share the deal I received through a broker.

Would love to hear any thoughts the community has. Feel free to ask any questions.

Signed: 2021 Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Inscription (in June, 2021)
MSRP: $57,810
Selling price: $51,425
Months: 24
Annual Mileage:10,000
Monthly Payment: $718.61 per month + tax ($789.57 total)
DAS: $1,460.42
MSDs: None
Residual: 64%
Incentives: None
Region: SoCal

Wow. $800/mo to drive a $58k Volvo for 10k miles per year? These are wild times, indeed! But hey, if you enjoy it, that’s all that matters now.

Just curious but that price seems not far off from their more flexible Care by Volvo program, which includes insurance and a bunch more miles per month. I’ve never done it, but did you consider that as an option?


Truth be told, I didn’t know of the Care by Volvo program till now - seems like a great program, especially in times like these. I’ll have to look into this if I decide to lease another Volvo in the future. Thanks for sharing.

It hurts to say this … your over paying. Your total lease cost with the DAS is 20,936. That’s how much most people on average pay for a 3 year xc60 lease :slightly_smiling_face:… but it’s your money. If your happy with how you spent it then who cares

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Also what T5 mometum did you get that has a msrp of 57,000 . That ridiculously high. Or did you mean T6 momentum

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jaskaran. I purchased a T5 Inscription, not a Momentum. Made the clarification to my original post.

Yikes! This broker may have not been the best one… But if you’re happy, that’s all that matters


Was it a lease hackr broker. Or a local broker?

Leasehackr broker. From a well-known organization with lots of positive reviews at that (not sure if it’s in bad taste to call out names directly). Don’t want to automatically pin the blame on the broker, as other external factors may have influenced the final terms, but it’s good to hear what others that have more experience with leasing have to say.

How much in lease cash/volvo allowance is rolled into the selling price instead of being itemized here?

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any reason this is a 24 month lease? the 36 would have been significantly cheaper. but yeah, this is fairly weak. All-in, around 3800 back, including lease cash, however much that may be in socal (if you got it from there).


Enjoy the car in good health and don’t look back on it, it’s signed. For reference you are paying the $10 less than I am for a 70k XC90 t8 expression at 36/15. Also done by a broker here in Northeast.

I am surprised this is a broker deal.


Assuming you leased last month and didn’t get any a-plan\affinity and conquest incentives here is the calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR with 7.59% pre-incentive dealer discount.

Your monthly could’ve been $655 for 36 month lease instead of $789. You could have saved roughly $50/mo by applying MSDs. And lastly don’t forget to apply for $500 bonus drive rebate.


mllcb42, I’m not sure if I know exactly what you’re looking for. Looking at my lease agreement, there were 0 capitalized cost reduction and 0 rebates and noncash credits. Let me know if that’s not what you wanted to know.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The 24 months is something that I specifically wanted due to my career. My broker did flag it would mean paying ~$200 more in monthly payments, which was fine for me.

Would you mind explaining what you mean by the 3800?

Thanks for sharing, and I agree - you live and learn.

Given that you didn’t get any other incentive other than $2k lease cash, didn’t put any MSDs, and chose to go with 24 months lease I’d say you got a decent deal with 7.59% dealer discount under the current market condition. If it makes you feel better, the lease incentive is cut in half in September and MF is higher compared to last month. So you’d be look at > $1k more in total payment had you leased in September with the same dealer discount.

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Thanks for the follow-up response + perspective, Kaz5.

Volvo allowance/lease cash is a direct to dealer incentive, so on the contract, it gets rolled into the selling price. From what others are saying it sounds like there was $2k in lease cash here, making your actual selling price before incentives $53425

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Regarding Volvo Care Subscriptions

Not available in California

On the deal

Hard to MMQB the numbers, deal is the deal (OP join VVCCA so you can at least get A Plan discount next yime), but I would have structured this differently (big surprise): $0 DAS with 10 MSDs $8500

— which brings the payment up - but if you exit this lease two payments early, you win (and more-so every month you exit, Volvo currently has 6-mo pull ahead on XC60). In a closed-end Volvo lease where the only early-out is a PA or trade on another Volvo, I’d find a way to make VCFS eat it. :man_shrugging:t2:

@car4tennisbags you won’t regret your decision, you did fine in this environment and your goals. Enjoy your XC60!

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