Signed Honda Accord Sport 2.0 good deal?

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Honda Accord sport 2.0
MSRP: $ 32,315
Monthly Payment: $350
Drive-Off Amount: $1350 plus dmv
Gross cap cost: $30,360
Annual Mileage: 12000
Residual: 18419
Incentives: I don’t think i was qualified for any incentives.
Region: NY Long Island
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I can just advise to try your luck at Huntington Honda as they have most stock and will generally work in your favor to get lowest payment.

Pre covid example: 289 monthly 1850 DAS
12k miles/36 months Honda loyalty (750)
Selling price:27090

You can use this “normal” time deal as reference and as always post before signing to get feedback.


Just leased 2 Acura tlx w tech package Msrp$37725 for 330 per month 36 month/12k w Das 2000 w dmv . Second one was 36/15k for $353 w 2000 Das.

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I leased a 2019 Accord sport 2.0T for $365 a month but I added in almost $1000 in accessories which is about $30 extra per month, so you could argue an effective $335 per month with first payment at signing. And that was over a year ago. I think you could potentially do slightly better? I can’t wait for new accord, hopefully it will have AWD like the rest of the competition.

EDIT: You can check my posts, I did a post on the deal last year.

I’m like @Sam_Sam- get a 2020 Acura TLX, as the discounts make them a much better value.

I was looking at the tlx at the same time but the dealers in my area think they’re absolute gold and extremely rare… I was basically told to kick rocks… unless I wanted a fwd 2.4 model tlx… lol ya Right.

Yeah your call, as a previous TLX owner and then accord sport 2.0 owner, the Acura is really outdated inside and the accord drivers better as well. Only advantage Acura has is AWD if that’s a must

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I have a 2020 base TLX, 12k/36 months/$307 per month…I wouldn’t pay a dime more to lease an Accord, but each to his own.

Congrats on your new car. I hope you enjoy the ride.

For the deal, as far as it goes, it is not as good as there are lots of other better options in the market. For the same or lower price you can drive BMW 330i loaner. It is great you’ve discovered this website and I am sure your next deal will be better.

It’s the other way around. Imagine paying more than accord to drive a 2020 base TLX 2.4L

Isn’t the Accord a mid-size sedan? I get your point, though. It’s not a bad car, but that price is not far enough from what you could get (a near-base) 5 series loaner for. And yes, you can get a lightly optioned 3 for less.

The 3 series loaners without loyalty and so at 12k miles are about 460 monthly all rolled in.

It doesn’t cost same as accord

Having driven both, a comparably equipped Accord is nicer than a TLX in every way, and many no longer consider Acura a premium brand.

Fair enough about loyalty, but you should get $1,750 in incentives (on a 2020 3 series) even if your current ride is a pair a scuffed Jordans. 750 lease cash + 1,000 conquest. Another 1k if you graduated within the last 24 months (500 more than Honda’s program). I couldn’t stomach $350 a month for an Accord or base TLX… Get a beater and put that money towards a 5 series in 2 years.

Here’s what you could get a 330i loaner for, without loyalty. Not far from OP’s deal. Under $400 for $45.5 MSRP or over 1% MSRP for a barely over $30k car?

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effective 453 month. this person paid about 390 effective.

so it’s 60 extra monthly so 2150 more.


Let’s see what the next generation of Accura TLX will look like before we jump into conclusions.

For now, I expect very nice deals on TLX and MDX that are on their older platforms.

Can’t argue against “I want it” but I’d take the 3 series with those numbers. Also consider that you would get loyalty and lease-to-lease incentive on your next BMW lease. Although that may be a moot point if the grills keep growing at the current rate…

I can’t understand how someone can recommend 3-series over an Accord. Im not saying its wrong or right, but those are very different vehicles for very different customers. 3-series is smaller, with a barely useable backseat or trunk but handles nicely in corners. Accord is more spacious and family oriented. Unless you think cars are appliances, they are very different things

Check out Acura’s website:

FWIW, I am looking forward to the TLX Type-S. The base 2021 TLX will make 270hp and 280 lb-ft , while the Type-S is rumored to make 355hp and 354 lb-ft.

I have never been a fan of the outgoing TLX. The interior felt dated and the exterior design felt bland, IMO.

Car manufacturers have not invested as much in sedans compared to SUVs. However, with the 2021 TLX, it looks like Acura might have a winner.

OP’s discount could have been higher. As far as other comparable brand new cars in that price range, none come to mind.