SIGNED! DEAL | LEASEHACKR Kia Niro EV Wind 36/12k $2995 + $215/mo

Not my best work, but I am content at the moment.

message for salesperson contact


Is that all-in including tax?

Includes 8.25% tax and all fees

That’s really good then! Got a calculator link?

Not sure how to do that.

I’m working with a dealer on a very similar deal.
Is your deal us bank? Or is hmf?
Do you know your rv? Mf?
Any incentives? (My dealer told me that loyalty and the $5k lease cash don’t apply to us bank leases)

Is there a list of Hyundai/Kia dealers that work with the U.S. bank?

Short like $1, but here:


how does MF/RV changes with lower miles with this.

Where is the $3650 taxes incentives from? My dealer tells me there aren’t any incentives.

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US Bank
RV = 31,754.90
MF = .00210?
$5416 capital cost reduction
$3750 rebates and non-cash credits


I found one other dealership that said they do us bank but they said they wouldn’t do it on an ev.

Congrats on the deal! Sent you a DM. Would like to get your sales contact and delear.

Hi, Congrats on the deal… trying to do something similar in my region (MA).

Question for the community… are these residuals because of using US Bank? When I went to the Edmunds forums my residuals were much higher. If so, how do you go about using US Bank? Just reach out to local Kia dealers and see if one of them work with US Bank? Apologies if a dumb question… just a bit new to this but really looking to score one of these EVs before 6/30 as there are some additional MA tax rebates expiring.

Thanks all

Yea. Edmunds gives you rv and mf for kmf.
Us bank is different.
You need to call dealers and ask them if they do us bank leases. That’s the only way.

Will do! Thanks so much for that info.

Thanks so much for sharing the info! Was able to replicate with same deal yesterday! Very happy with outcome.

Dealer / salesperson seemed surprised by increased volume / number of inquiries, but want to keep the party going though!


anyone know how he got incentives on the us bank side

What’s expiring for MA? As far as I know only the PHEV incentives are expiring. EVs will continue to be fine.

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That’s great.
In NorCal as well?