Signed, Cement Tundra 5.7 Crewmax 4x4 in TX $359/month all in

Okay just signed the following in Dallas TX

19’ Toyota Tundra SR5, 5.7 Crewmax 4x4 Cement over Black
SR Upgrade pack, TSS Off-road Pack, Entune sound, Center Console Safe, Tint and some other dealer tack ons

MSRP - $49,243
Discount -$2504
Rebates - $4500
Tax Credits - roughly $2500 (big help to get price down here in TX!)
Gap (included)
Wheel and tire ins (included)
Term - 24/10

$359/ month All in


Before anyone asks, they cannot sell out of state.

However, if you are in TX or DFW area I will gladly hook you up with my contact. They are looking for a big weekend…
You may not get the same deal exactly but should get fairly close on this trim level.

Hmm Texas + Center console safe :thinking: :gun: :us: haha

Great looking truck and deal…enjoy


Exactly :joy: :us:

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Very Nice!! Good Hack!!!

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Wonder what you could have done with a better discount! Good work.

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Nice deal OP!

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I am sorry, but that cement color is hot hot hot!


I really like that truck; currently using some of your data to see how close I can come to recreating something similar in my state.

I know I probably won’t have the same tax credits but i’m emailing a bunch of dealerships tomorrow when the new July incentives start coming out.

@spockvr6 Thanks bud, I was deadset on either Calvary Blue or Cement… or I probably wouldn’t have done the deal.

I actually liked Cement even more in person, then in pics and contrasts the black wheels and accessories really well.


Key is not going through Toyota financial


For sure, this was a US Bank deal with residual at 79% and MF at .00205 which clearly helped over Toyota numbers.

Strangely I could not find any dealers who would agree to work through, or confirm the numbers with Ally, at least for the lease numbers I found posted. Not sure if there is a Regional impact?

Anyone know if this would work in Tennessee with SETF as the major player? Not sure the best way to even approach a dealer with a desire to work with US Bank.

Yeah…The colors I think are sweet on any of these Toyota pick ups are cement, quicksand, barcelona red, and Calvary blue. I got lucky on mine and was able to get the Barcelona red.

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Yeah I like the Barcelona Red too😎, but gotta say Cement with the black wheels looks amazing…!


Are those factory wheels? Or add ons? Because those things look AMAZING on there.

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Yeah these wheels come on the TSS package, think this package is only available to gulf coast states

I think the quicksand looks good on the Taco, but is a bit overwhelming on the Tundra with all the extra sheet metal on the Crewmax.

Oh man… I hope it’s not too late to get a deal like you got. I’m in TX, and it’s time to move on from my beloved 1794 4x4 I leased in early 2016.

Pleeease tell me more, send me in the right direction. I have been miserable for past few weeks dealing with salespeople who pull shady stuff, finance folks who are trying to have me pay for their vacation. Your deal looks too good to be true, but I’m a believer!

I’d be grateful for any assistance you can give. Thanks!!

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Was this at Grapevine?