Signed - BMW X6 loaner . $469 . Taxes and fees upfront

Big thanks to leasehackr , various input from several members were very helpful as I finally located and secured my new car . Not many of these loaners around , but got the specs I wanted for a price I can live with . If you can find a loaner X6 somewhere , they’re definitely hackable, lease cash of $6250.

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW X6 xdrive 35i. White on black .
convenience package
Premium package
Metallic paint
Multi contour seats .
Heated steering wheel

**Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $72660
**Selling Price: $60300
**Monthly Payment: $469
**Cash Due at Signing: $3300

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Leasehackr Score: 11


Great deal! Post some pics. I wish they have sales tax credit for X6 in Texas :wink:

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whats included in the 6250 incentives?

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Great deal! I’ve been searching for a month will little luck so far. Do you mind sharing who you worked with?

5500 lease cash , 750 conquest / loyalty .

OP how did you go about finding a loaner vehicle? did you use a site like Car Gurus and searched for almost new cars with a few thousand miles on them?

yes, go to carguru and find cars with less than 5000 miles on it, they will also send you alert when price of a car drops.

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Correct, used and , search for 2019’s with less than 5000 miles . Checks Carfaxs to make sure it was a “commercial vehicle ” if it didn’t say on dealers website that it’s a demo / loaner car . Also used carfax to see how long dealer had the car in their inventory. And of course it didn’t hurt that I was negotiating the deal at the end of the quarter :slight_smile: saw that BMW reduced the money factor for July , so deal would have been even better now , but not sure if I would have gotten the same selling price .

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thank you, so I just need a carfax account?

No need, most dealerships will include carfax for the car in the listing .

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Cars that sat for a long time or just have sales price reduced will be your best bet, you can get that information from cargurus.

But unfortunately we lose out on the warranty if it’s been sitting

we’re talking about mostly leasing luxury brand like BMW, assuming it’s a common 3 year lease, it will be unlikely your warranty would expired before the lease is up even for a loaner.

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As fare as I know the warranty starts when the dealership starts using the car as a loaner. In my case they had the car on the lot for 6 months before registering it as a loaner . I did a 24 month lease , so not at all concerned about the warranty . But even at 36 months I think I would have been fine .

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The warranty does not start when you sign a lease it starts when the dealer has it as a demo.

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Which is exactly what I wrote . I doesn’t matter how long the car has been on the lot , it matters when they started using the car as a loaner , and that goes for both warranty and free maintenance .

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Exactly I am shopping a demo and just learned this…Although I found a car that’s been sitting for close to a year with under 2k miles so I am assuming it’s an entire year it’s been as a demo unless I’m missing something