Signed: BMW 330i (relatively base) $275 w/ tax

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Was looking for a lease and stumbled across this, couldn’t get a dealer in Socal to touch this, so taking a trip to see some family in PNW Monday to pick it up. Not a unicorn, but totally happy with it!

Not replicable at this dealership.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 330i w/ convenience and live cockpit
MSRP: $ 45215
Monthly Payment: $ 275
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1100ish (a hair under)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00128
Residual: 60
Incentives: Loyalty, Lease Cash, OL (gave full 1k)
Region: PNW
Leasehackr Score: 13.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


At $10K off MSRP on a new body style 3-series, plus incentives and buy rate, I’d call this a unicorn!

Congrats on the car!


I’m telling ya… these G20’s are getting better…

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Great deal and enjoy your new car. Congrats!

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Great deal… congrats!

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How did you get the OL?

OL came from BMW NA Driving event.

2019 or 2020?

This is probably the best discount I’ve seen on the 2019 330i. Well done and congrats!

@bb86 Are the doc and registration fees correct? Did the dealer register the car with CA tags/license for you? I’m really curious that went/goes.

20% off a new 330i is absolutely crazy.

According to the calculator, it is a loaner/demo with 3900 miles. Not new.


That makes more sense. Still a great deal on the new body style.

I asked a bmw dealer in the PNW and he says that’s the OL code isn’t applicable for loaner cars? This was Monday

Wow! When I got my deal (approx 370 w/tax, I already thought I got a superb deal). Amazing price, hope you like the car!!

Hey sorry all, swamped at work:

To reply…I was super out of it last night when I posted, but this is a loaner.
Apparently I need to get a vin inspection and smog once I land here and they have a 3rd party handle the tags, so I think maybe theyre just charging me what that fee is, but not 100%. Waiting for copy of lease to arrive back here.

OL codes are so odd. Had that response from a dealer, despite me saying even if they honor the 500 its from BMW, they wouldn’t budge. This dealer didn’t seem to care, just sent screenshot of code and that was that.

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Whats the PNW area?

Pacific north west

Thanks 1010101

Grate deal. I want to get the deal.