Signed: BMW 330i (relatively base) $275 w/ tax

Excellent discount, but at this deep of a discount you could do a 24 month term for only ~3 bucks more a month and not have to change tires!

Hey Guys,

New here, just received a Quote from a broker today, now I’m thinking I’m getting a bad deal but I can’t seem to get his numbers to line up, I reached out to him earlier today, provide all my info once he gave me the qoute of $415 mo, 2k total drive off, 10k/36.

I was thinking I could probably get a better deal but according to Edmunds true price, my best price would be $423 mo

Also now the broker I was working with has not provided me with any update within the last 12 hours, I honestly didnt like how he spoke to me on the phone, didnt provide much info about the car, hes just likes its fully loaded with everything so im assuming its a demo.

If you guys could recomend a broker here, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

I’m from PNW too and plan to get a 330i. Could you tell me where did you get the deal? And how did you bring the price down?

Thanks a lot!

What geographic area are you in? If you’re in SoCal and do a quick search on the forum, you’ll see a lot of brokers and dealers here who can help…

Just curious, were you ever able to register this in CA?

I am out of the country now, got the smog and Vin inspection before we left and was told to expect plates and reg to come within a few weeks. We shall see how smoothly that goes…