Signed: Audi e-Tron 2019 Prestige


CA Deal:

Prestige MSRP: 85195
Selling price : 65100
MF: .00173
MSD: 9 – MF .00128
Rebate: 7500
Lease term: 24/7.5
Residual 55%
Payment $585 + Sales tax
Minimum drive offs/ 0 down (cap cost reduction).

Learning: dealers can combine upto 3 closing certificates for $1500 off on top of other incentives.

The consensus on 24/7.5 is no. Is the mf marked up or is that base?

base no markup

if you want more feedback- utilize the LH calculator and then, you (and others) will be able to comment better.

What’s the pre-incentive % discount? Costco? Audi Loyalty? Other Audi incentives?

i am so dumb.

no Costco or Loyalty?

there aren’t any of the dealer marketing allowance included in the calculator? (looks like only Audi Lease cash $7500)

LH score 10.8 is ok. Usually > 13 would be considered “excellent” IMO

No Loyalty but includes costco. Dealer 9500 marketing money is just taken off the sales price, so it doesn’t go in the calculator. I guess I can add it as a non taxed incentive? I am hitting a brick wall getting better than this without loyalty. ideally i would hit 12.1 which is my current vehicle.


yes, it goes under the non-taxed incentives- that way you keep the pre-incentive % readily apparent.

Looks like it’s actually 12.3%. As our resident Audi GM guru said- anything over 12.0 is considered gravy.

If you’re in CA, have you talked to him on the phone? Straight to the point.

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Resident audi GM guru? Sam?

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ya i spoke to his dealership, i actually got the worst number of all. this is what they offered and wouldn’t budge. They said numbers came straight from Sam. I was happy to go and pick it up there. Sam beat by Bay Area dealers…I have now seen everything.

Call me tomorrow to take care of you .

424-281-5605 . The payments are not adding up

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ok will do. ya i was surprised I got such a high number. Thanks.

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A dealer just told me about “closing certificates” from Audi, what are they? how much does a dealer get back?

Looks like $500 cash

Not every vehicle has these, certain vehicles do as the E-tron you’re shopping. Essentially there’s a certain amount given, once they’re gone that’s it.

@Carbuster1 keep all your Audi questions in one thread.

what is wrong with that deal? you have full incentives, over 10% off msrp (ie higher than Costco) and buy rate MF.

Much better deals locally. Calling Sam tomorrow, let’s see. Will report back

You are gonna have a lot of difficulty getting a better deal than this. You’re already above a 12% MSRP discount. The problem is that you don’t have loyalty and you priced out an 85k prestige that most likely has the tow package, etc. Unless you need those, maybe look into a lower MSRP model. Won’t make a huge difference but it will help.

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Ya totally get its a higher msrp. Trying to get 15% ideally