SIGNED: 21 XC90 Insc 67k. 36/12 $695

How did I do?

21 XC90 Insc 67k. 7pass
36/12 $695.
10 MSDs = 7500
$500 Teacher, no loyalty

Direct from dealer/No Broker
See Nik @ Volvo Englewood NJ.

Traded 08 MB R350 170k moneypit for $2500. Barely made it to the dealer and needed 4k repairs!

Also submitted for $500 BonusDrive Rebate via Amica


Congrats on the new ride!

What’s line 6c $5195?

7500 MSD PLUS 695 1st/M
2500 TRADE & 500 TEACHER

I think your specific lease deal is decent given current market. Deal will vary regionally and how good it is would be based on individual qualification.

These numbers are from April when I was shopping in CA: for 67k t8 ins, 610/mo pre tax + 2.5k das with max msd. No trade in. In May, volvo lost Costco incentive, so it went up $30ish.

Be interesting to know how much CarMax or carvana value your trade in. You can still check even though you don’t have the car anymore. If online value from carvana is lower or roughly 2.5k, then at least you saved yourself from some hassle.

If I understand this correctly, the selling price was basically MSRP minus $500?

Just ran Carmax. Offer was $200.
Picked up car from my MB repair guy paid $110 to get it to bw able to drive at all… Needed.Trans/differential/timing…etcand drove it to Volvo

Capped at $55623
See Pic 2 for further details.

I rolled in all fees/taxes/etc.

How much in Volvo allowance/lease cash is rolled into the selling price?

Xc90 Lease cash in NJ is $500

You sure about that? Looks like $2550 for that region


I’m confused. This seems like an amazing deal for right now

So this is just MSDs and first month payment due at signing and then $695 a month including tax on a 67k car??

Am I missing something?

$3195 das + msds *edit: I am wrong here and misread it

Das was paid as $695 in cash and $2500 in trade equity

Assuming $2550 in lease cash (per edmunds), this sitting around 13% pre-incentive which is exceptionally good for the current market.

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Oh I thought it was DAS just MSDs and first month and the trade in went towards that?

Am I reading it wrong?

Nope, you’re correct. I read it wrong.

I’m not deal was as strong as you indicated because I know that the $500 Teacher discount was in there somewhere as well.

Should be $7,000 on $695/mo

The breakdown has the $500 rebate itemized separately.

What are the two numbers on line 7?

I get 13.9% with your Volvo incentives

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Is it the 55k or 59k number in line 7?

What is the significance of each of those?