Signed: 21’ BMW M440

2021 BMW M440

I’m posting this because I had a hell of a time finding signed deals on this car “on the google.”

I came in at 10% off MSRP with $2k due at signing. They countered with this deal. I could’ve gotten a few more bucks off, but it was close enough to what I wanted and better than I expected to leave with.

Everyone has opinions on that front end- I love it. The interior was a surprise, really nice job BMW. But wow, this car is fun to drive and deceptively fast (10/10 on the “funess” factor.)

I’ll try and snap a few more pictures.

MSRP: $68530
Selling Price: $62,472
Monthly Payment: $762
Drive-Off Amount: $2200
Annual Mileage:12k
Leasehackr Score:7.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


nice wow wow wee wow GIF


Black masks the grill a little bit, looks like a nice spec!

Local dealer says they haven’t been able to sell even one lol

Only car that doesn’t have shortage issues.


No doubt- to the next person seeing this, push for 10% off MSRP pre-incentives or more. I could’ve gotten a way better deal had I not wanted a few specific options together. This was the only one I could find within three states of me. I shopped the car, not the deal.

I know, I know- I actually like the looks of this car. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had one guy in an 19’ M3 say “what did you do dude…no!” Then this morning at the gym I had the “hot girl” of the gym say “that’s a sexy car.” My wife wasn’t too happy. :wink: But in the end I could give two f’s what people think of my car, I bought it for me and she’s a blast to drive. Happy shopping my fellow LH’s!


Bet that thing is fun, enjoy!!

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Black grille is the way to go

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I’m hoping no one buys them and I steal an M3/M4.

Great looking car!

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M3 is already booked out for months. I asked my dealer when I could test drive one they said January 2022 MAYBE

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On here you can build them to order. If that’s the case I’d get the 3-5% off here and just buy it. Leasing for $1,000+ a month on a 75K car doesn’t make sense to me.

Car looks a lot better with the “Viewed” label there.


That’s a $1950 option though.

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Yeah haha, just went to see how many days on lot. Think it was like 180ish.

Even the m3/m4 are sitting.

What do you mean?

Saw one of these in person the other day and they somehow look worse in real life


Truer words have never been spoken.

Looks like wizard sleeves or a beaver teeth lol.

Congrats on the car though enjoy OP!

Obviously not as bad, but I have had quite a few buddies who were M enthusiasts refuse to order the new m3/m4. When the e92 and f80 were released it was hard to get a hold of one.

No pics but I’m assuming it’s on lot already (m4)

Sorry im confused what you mean by M3 and M4 sitting

No m3 or M4 (new model) have been on the lot lol


I thought they were already being delivered?

That cargurus stat looks like an error. Deliveries havent’ started yet, and IIRC, March 15 is when deliveries should start. Some bimmerpost members reported that even though their custom order showed as delivered to dealer, they were told that the vehicle would sit on dealer lot unless they could get an exception from the regional manager for delivery before 15th.