Signed! 2023 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 Crew Cab


Just got home with a new Laramie, finally found a dealer offering a nice discount. If anyone in Indiana is looking for a truck or any CDJR vehicle let me know, I can hook you up with the dealer.

Overall process was fantastic, almost everything was done over text and email until we came in to sign. They had the truck and paperwork ready, in and out super quick.

Still don’t know why their monthly is lower than mine in the calculator but I’m not complaining.



Hey can you give me the name of the dealership? What’s your payment? And details? Thanks

See the calculator link. I’ll PM you the dealership

Nice! Love trucks

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That’s sharp, mind sharing your options?


Located in Indiana and been looking for a dealer. Interested in contacting them if you can please share dealer information

youre making me miss my ram. the interior is phenomenal. and that hemi is so nice to hear. i had a 22 limited with the air suspension.

love the patriot blue! enjoy


Send me a PM

I love the color!
Patriot Blue would be my pick if I ordered one of these.

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Awesome! Love that color. Great discount.

I’d assume with that much rebate $$$ this isn’t a captive bank lease (meaning wasn’t CCAP or Stellantis), if not, curious who this was through.

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:us:Patriot Blue :us:

Congrats on the truck. Matches the house too!

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It was CCAP! With the Stellantis loyalty and TDM it made for a nice deal, plus the dealership I tracked down for the discount was awesome to work with, they beat everyone else I worked with by 3-4%.


Nice color & nice wheels . Gorgeous.

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Great deal and house :slight_smile: !! Congratulations on the new ride. Compliments well with the 4XE gas savings :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Is this good of a deal only available on the Laramie trim level? Would be interested on a Rebel that is very close sticker price.

At least in my neck of the woods it’s hard to come by a rebel, they sell quick so don’t expect a good sales price on them. The lease programs on the Rebel and Limited trims are pretty bad right now relatively speaking.

Big Horns can be leased really well, Laramies not quite as good but still pretty darn good.

Very nice truck, looks good in your driveway

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Nice whip and crib! Just making sure I see this right, you have a 3 car garage right?

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Yep 3 car garage

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