Signed: 2023 Nissan Titan PRO-4X - MSRP $62.7k - 18/10k One Pay $10,311 w/ 9 MSDs

$10,311 DAS
$3600 MSDs

This one was a wild ride. Long story short the dealer never did a MN deal so that caused delays, I was on cruise during it all and I needed to get it shipped. @Clutch made things right and was very patient with me so I appreciated that!

Shipping was over $1k (double of what I was expecting) so that softens the deal a bit but I needed a pickup ASAP. I couldn’t get anywhere close to these numbers locally. Stoked :metal: Thanks again Clutch!


These Pro-4x’s look good in any color

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I always thought they looked like alibaba copyright F150s who’s parents were siblings but at a cheap price it’s hard to care or resist


Pickup truck version of a chrysler 300


Congrats! I’m not sure driving a Nissan for 18 months for 10k is worth it.


Good thing he gets $3600 back at the end so he is only paying $6700 for 18 months.


Different strokes for different folks.

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Jesus, people are paying this for a rogue. Hell the pathfinder deal clutch offered was like $600/mo

I might have to look into a Titan. Just that parking will be an issue and the fuel economy probably eats up an extra $250/mo.


It was worth it for me to get out of my Mach-E and I needed the utility.

$3.6k MSDs coming back to me in 18 months.

Ford just needs to release its new EV truck by then :joy:

It’s got a V8, 400 HP, 400+ lbs of torque and it has a real transmission, as well as some off road chops. 372/mo effective for all that is pretty darn good IMO, regardless of brand. Best part is the short term on these so you’re not married to it long term.


Where was this deal? Can someone please send me info?

According to the post it was brokered by @Clutch through the AZ Nissan dealer they are affiliated with.

Guess this might have been Clutch’s last deal posted on this site, it was an honor :saluting_face:


Congrats ! How bad was the Mach e trade in? Deets?

Agree I think they’re pretty ugly but no one cares at this price. I’m thinking about getting one bc I’m too cheap to pay $600 for a tundra! I would just feel dirty driving any pickuptruck but what I sell. :joy:

$1000 to ship from az to mn is not bad at all. Can you share the shipping company @ktnsvm

Why is it their last deal?

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Great color choice and great deal. I got the same truck from Clutch in Baja with the moonroof/ventilated seats package.

I don’t understand why everyone says they’re ugly. I get a lot of compliments, especially on the interior with the red stitching. But everyone has their tastes.

I am at like $320 a month effective for a $64.5k sticker. The truck is so loaded there is nothing left I would want. And the motor sounds so good under throttle it’s hard to stay off the pedal.


What’s the deal with MSD’s? I’m in NY, and I don’t believe we can do them. Can someone explain?

You can do up to $750 worth of msd

Rough math a few weeks ago, with the adjusted MSDs, the payment is $100ish more per month

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Do you mean in New York State? The poster did $3600